03 May 2014

Family Movies: Latest Picks by the Super-Cool-Fab Review Team

Movie Nights are back, and about time too. We love to share our ideas for family movie nights, with Movie reviews, fun theme night ideas and a month of FREE DVDs courtesy of our sponsor, Fatso (see below for details).

Sometimes to mix things up the kids take turns "hosting" a movie night in their bedrooms. We have a TV and DVD player on a wheeled cabinet which we can roll into the host's bedroom. Miss fab particularly loves to play hostess; she makes up her trundle bed and invites her brothers for a sleepover. There's usually a ticket box office at the door... (no stamp, no entry). A few times Miss Fab and I have had our own private girlie movie night in her room, while the boys watched boy movies with their dad in the lounge. And more recently Scrag has begged to play host, and invited the older kids for a sleepover on his bunk beds.

Here's some of what we've been watching...

Dash. B. Cool: I like lots of action and fighting in movies, and I love battle scenes, so some of my favourite movies lately have been The Avengers, Man of Steel, The Amazing SpiderMan and other ones like that. The Pink Panther movie was really funny, we watched the the other night and it was crack up. I thought my mum might of picked a lame one but it was actually really good. I also like The Hobbit and "Lord of the Rings" movies - there's a good story and lots of action on those movies so they are all good with me. My worst movie ever is probably Hop - It's so lame! And the old Spiderman movies - the guy who plays Spiderman is also lame. I hate lame movies.

DASH B COOL's coolest movie of all time: Anything with lots of action

Foxy Fab: These days I like funny family movies but nothing too babyish. (I gave away all my Barbie DVDs to some little kids) but I still like princess movies, if they are cool. Like I enjoy watching Princess Diaries, Princess Protection Programme, What a Girl Wants, Monte Carlo and other movies like that. I still love Enchanted cos it's so funny. A movie has to make you laugh. My mum tries to get me to like some of her favourite old movies like Emma and boring ones like that but I just tell her, Mum that's so lame. I do like having girlie movie nights with my mum but as long as I get to pick the movie! I'd rather watch Mr Bean or Johnny English cos those movies are really funny!

FOXY FAB's favourite girlie movie of all time: PRINCESS DIARIES 1&2

Super Scrag: I like super hero movies a lot. My favourite one is still The Amazing SpiderMan, and spiderman is my favourite super hero. I watched Man of Steel and it was OK but it was really loud, and I think Spiderman is way awesomer than Superman. I wish my mum would let me watch MARVEL on TV but she says I'm still too little. Other movies I like a lot are the Lego ninjago DVDs. I always ask my mum to get me ninjago DVDs from Fatso. I like ninjago, I think I would be a good ninja. I am good at Cardjitsu on Club Penguin. My worst kind of movies are the ones with lots of talking: BOOORING! I like Mr Bean's Holiday cos there was hardly any talking but he did heaps of dumb stuff which was really really funny. Mr Bean movies are very funny, and I like them a lot even though he's not a superhero.

SUPERSCRAG favourite movie of all time: THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN

What have you been watching lately?


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