20 October 2015

Loving... NOT loving...

Jasmine in Spring

Golly gosh it's been years since I've written a "Things I'm Loving"post. What better way to get back on the blog-horse than with a random collection of life's moments, right?
Because when it's been so long and there are so many stories piled up that you want to write, you have to start with the easy ones, just to get the ole ink flowing.

First up, I'm loving jasmine.
It's everywhere down my street, and when I'm walking past hedges of the stuff, I can grab a bunch and fill my home with the smell of spring. Every time I walk in the front door, it hits me. The sweet sunshiney smell of jasmine.

Next up, I'm loving op-shop finds like this $20 seascape I scored at the Red Cross Shop. The frame was a bit ugly (I was NOT loving that) but nothing a splash of white paint couldn't fix.

Now my hallway is loving the new addition. I can almost hear the splash of the waves. Bring on summer, baby...

Op shop finds - $20 seascape

While we're on the subject of being seaside, I'm kind of loving this snap a friend of mine took of my girl when we were out at Huia a few weekends ago for a family camp... (mostly cos I'm loving Huia. And this girl).

Huia rocky shore

While we were there my friend Gail and I cracked ourselves up taking photos of her "wearing her blanket in nature" just like my fave instagrammer @socalitybarbie. We are loving @socalitybarbie, big time. All those hashtags, the hipster irony, the faux authenticity. Our photos of #socalitygail were pretty crack up too.

socality barbie, meet socality Gail

Unfortunately I can't show you the photos we took while cracking ourselves up, because I've lost my $%$^&*% camera cord AGAIN. Grrrr. I wish the monkeys would stop moving things from where I put them!

I am NOT loving that I've lost my camera cord. I've just spent twenty minutes trying every other buggery cord in my bag of random cords and lot one of them works. It's like trying to find the foot for bloddy Cinderella's glass slipper.

Donuts and Nespresso for morning tea - thanks My Little bakery, Mt Albert

Next (while I wait for my blood pressure to drop back down to the normal range) I am also loving fresh donuts from a new addition to our main street, My Little Bakery. I treated me and Scrag to one of these today after we spent all morning at the White Cross getting his sore ear seen to. (We are NOT loving sore ears). He was very brave and deserved a treat, so of course I had to keep him company, because DONUTS. Never mind that these babies are oozing naughty vanilla bean patisserie cream and sprinkled with villainous Sugar. Sometimes you just have to.

Never mind that he also had a dentist appointment today. Never mind. The damage was already done and the hole got filled without any fuss. (Loving that there was no fuss, no tears; NOT loving that there was a hole that needed filling. Sure, go ahead and blame the donuts. I blame his years of pretend teeth-brushing. NOT loving pretend teeth-brushing. That Scrag!).

vinny's barber shop Mt Albert

Sticking with Scrag and local businesses, we are also loving Vinny's Barber shop, the coolest place for blokes big and small to get their hair done. They even have Elvis in the window and a juke box. I mean, how cool is that? Too bad I'm not a bloke. We are also loving Scrag's new do. thanks Vinny! We are also loving Mt Albert. There is a lot of new awesomeness.

vinny's barber shop Mt Albert - elvis in the window

Also loving morning angels. This one's for the mamas who struggle with the morning rush: there is hope! I can now say with confidence my work is done: my kids can completely fend for themselves in the morning and get themselves to school. Get this...

the view from my bed

On Friday morning after a hellish night's non-sleep, I was awoken by a voice in my ear, "Mum it's 7.45..."
Oh crap, I said. Just five more minutes and then I'll drag myself out of bed. I had such a terrible night's sleep...
The morning angel (aka my daughter) said, "Mum, it's fine, stay there. I've got Scrag his breakfast, we've done our lunchboxes, we're nearly ready. It's all good."
I sank back into the pillows, relieved.
Before I knew it, she was there again, this time bearing a cup of tea, which she handed to me as she told me, "Mum, no need to drive us, we'll scooter to school. You stay there and get some sleep."
I mean...!
Can you even...?
They got themselves up and out without me having to stir once. PLUS made me a very decent cup of tea and brought it to me IN BED.
I lay there sipping the tea, thinking, I've done it. My kids are independent. They are awesome in the morning. Hallelujah!
Loving independent kids.
(NOT loving crappy night's sleep, racing thoughts, anxiety and a low lying grey cloud which has seen me have to go back to my doc and up my meds. But moving on...)

making pancakes

I am loving my amazing husband and how he cares for us. This was him making pancakes with Dash for brunch on Saturday. I had the idea but lacked the energy to stand there pouring batter. Hubby stepped up (in spite of limping in after a killer cycle ride) and made it happen. He's a very "make it happen" kind of guy. I LOVE that about him.

When we had our family camp the other weekend, hubby turned up with water slides, camo nets and a plan for an army assault course that got all the kids racing around. This guy is Mr Fun.

family camp fun

You can always bet that if a bunch of kids turn up somewhere, my hubby will gather them and get them playing games. For eight years he has run a lunchtime club at our kids' school. For nearly fifteen years he has stuck with me through thick and thin, with all the ups and many downs.

Flip I need to tell him more often how awesome he is and how much I appreciate him.
There. I think I'm done.

How bout you? What are you loving/not loving lately?

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