31 August 2016

O August Where Did You Go?

I had the best of intentions, I really did.
This was going to be more than a one-post blogging month.
I started well, didn't I? Blogging on the very first day of August? It was a good post too, that lonely August birthday party post.
It was meant to be joined by others, at least three more.
Yet here I sit, late on the 31st, and that one post was all I managed.

In my defence, it's been a crazy month. Almost as crazy as June and July.
I'm working now, did you know?
Three days a week for the organisation I've wanted to work at for ages - the Parenting Place.
I'm in the funding team, and spend my days filling out funding applications to keep the wheels turning and the programmes happening. It feels good to be doing something - even a small something - for an organisation I totally believe in.

But working cuts back on blogging time. As does being a dog owner and child nurturer.
Keeping the washing pile from swamping us all, well that takes time.
Valuable time, which I seem to have very little of these days.
But I'm not complaining, oh no. Tomorrow is SPRING, after all.

So sorry, my friends. I will do better next month (a.k.a. tomorrow).
May September be a month of more than just one blog post.
May I finally get that story written about our trip to Hawaii.
And may I find a moment to write about the app that is saving my sanity and might just save yours too.

Love you all  (honest)

P.S. Tomorrow is SPRING! (hoorah)

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