14 December 2008

Some Good News...

Well, not long after I had posted my story about Princess's broken leg, Mr G phoned me and told me: Her Ankle Is Not Broken After All!

Whew! It was getting to be hard work keeping that dynamo happy to be sitting still!

The doctor had read the x-ray wrong or something(??) Turns out to be just soft tissue damage; she still needs the dressing changed every day for the wicked lacerations, but thankfully it's just a week of no trampoline rather than FOUR WEEKS of not moving.

Princess is already back to her old bouncing-ball self (never walking anywhere - just skipping, running, dancing, jumping, twirling...) It's a miracle to us.

Goes to show, you just can't keep a good girl down...!

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Kristi said...

I'm glad to hear that. Hope things are going better for you now:)

Gail said...

We still on for thurs night though? :) Can't do this afternoon (Mon) as planned .. going to take kids to Doctors this morn. Think we've been over-doing it a bit with them.

Simoney said...

Yes, looking forward to it!!

Sophie said...

Phew. Sounds awful, poor thing.

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