19 July 2009

Soulful Sunday: Dreaming

"Dreams... inconsistent angel things...
Horses bred with star-laced wings...
But it's so hard to make them fly..."
- Sixpence None the Richer

Dreams. We all have them - or used to. There's the kind of dreams you get when you're sleeping (in those dreams I have all kinds of wierd adventures), and then there's the Dreams that are buried deep in your heart.

The seeds of those Dreams usually get planted there when we are kids, often in answer to the age old question: "What do you want to be when you grow up??"

A Ballerina, a firefighter, a superhero, a movie star, a doctor, a soccer star...

When I was little I dreamed of writing books. I used to make little books for fun, complete with pictures of course. I also dreamed of being a teacher (inspired by my favourite teacher, Mrs Hart).

I certainly never dreamed of doing youth work, or working on computers, or scooping icecreams.

But I did dream of a family, a Prince Charming to sweep me off my feet and playing house. Oh boy! Hahahahahaha....

Of course the reality turned out to be a lot more gritty, and much more work that I had imagined, but now that I am living the day-to-day reality of those dreams what now? Is dreaming over for me??
No way! Because as Lava Girl said to Shark Boy: "Everything that is began with a dream..."

I have to keep dreaming, or I will lose the magic, the joy in life.
I dream for my kids. I listen to my babies and hear clues about their dreams. I start to dream along with them, about the wonderful people they can grow up to be.

A few years ago I painted in my visual journal, a page for each of the kids about what I see for them and in them, and also my prayers for them... (Scrag wasn't born yet so his page is still to come).

I came across it a few weeks ago and was amazed to find that my insights still hold true for both of them.

But it's not enough to just have dreams for my kids. I have to keep dreaming for Me too.

The other night, Mr G and I were out on a date, and we were playing a game of Truth, which kind of turned into being about our dreams and imagining stuff for the future.

We talked about what we imagine each of the kids could be when they grow up. We said where we would travel if we could go anywhere; what adventurous exploit we would do if we could; We talked about what we would do with a Million Dollars. We told each other what we would do for a job if there were no restrictions: He would be rich and help people, and would like to start a home for abused kids (wow!). Mine was humbler...

I would write books.

Yes, the seeds of our dreams are so often found in our childhood. I never did get to be a teacher, but I started an education programme for at-risk kids; I may not be writing books (yet) but this blog has rekindled that old dream of writing. Who knows what could come from it??

What about you? What were your childhood dreams?

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meg said...

When I was at primary school I wanted to act, to dress up and pretend to be someone else. When I was fourteen I wanted to be a fighter pilot (not so I could fight, but I wanted to fly really really fast). Right now I want to be here for my family and to take photographs which bring people joy (or move them to (happy) tears).

Gail said...

Awesome stuff Simoney. I love those pages!
One dream I have is that one day I would love for our family to go on a family missions trip - to build homes or renovate schools together.... or the like!

PaisleyJade said...

I love reading your posts - you could definately write a book!! My eldest has always dreamed of being an author and a teacher (just like you from a young age he has made little books and written stories!). Thank you for the wonderful ideas in this post too!

Widge said...

Those pages are really cool. you have given me some inspiration to do the same...although one of my kids dreams is to work at pak n save....may have to work on that one a bit more ;)

I dreamed of being an actress like Meg.Also of writing books but forgot about that one until recently. My dream in the near future is to have a cool cafe in our town with a great playground for kids, a book store in it too and also local art. It would be a place where mum's groups can meet etc...I have even planned some of the menu.

love what you write :)

Theta Mom said...

What a great post! I agree, many of our dreams are embedded in our childhood...I always "played school" as a child, so I became a teacher. I taught for ten years before I became a SAHM. Now, part of my dream is to help my own children reach their own...I also know what you mean about the writing thing! I love to write as well and this blog addiction certainly helps! :)

Melinda said...

Simoney, We are so alike! ;0) My childhood dreams were being a writer and a teacher. I did get my journalism degree and have been writing for many years, but still don't have the book I dreamed of. This summer I finally began working on that book proposal! You're right -- we can never quit dreaming!God puts those dreams in our hearts for a reason. Love this post!! Keep dreaming! ;0)

Gail said...

Hey! Have just changed my blog domain to
So it will need to be changed in your links....
I know, a pain, but I got sick of explaining it to people, so hopefully this is easier :)

Love G
Nice to catch up today!!!!!

Simony said...

Hi there! I came here through Natasha's "Sunday Song". Beautiful blog and lovely song you chose! I love this group.
And how funny to find someone so far away with a name almost like mine. In my whole life I only saw one person with my name ending in Y. Many are ending in E.
I am glad I came here today!
Take care.

Mya said...

Yes, some dreams materialize and others do not, often because we did not persue them. Beautiul post.

Wondering what your reference was to "the children at risk," I went back over a few posts and found your article. Sounds likes a film in itself. Any chance this is the book you should write?

Sounds like you inherited some spunk from you dad.

Elizabeth said...

Always wanted to be an author as well - also made books up, wrote - drew pictures, stapled it together and made everyone in the neighbourhood then read it ;-)! Still got some of them somewhere!

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