13 July 2009

Urban Oasis

Today dawned crisp and clear. A gorgeous day - you'd hardly believe it's meant to be winter here.

Our great pal Yazzy was over for a play and we thought we'd get out and make the most of the fabulous weather with a walk; you know - get out into nature, get some fresh air, exercise, see the beauty that nature offers...

Where did we head to? Miles into the country? Nope, Oakley Creek - right at the bottom of our street.

Yes, this gorgeous reserve is located in the middle of Auckland, at the end of our road, complete with native bush, ducks, eels and a 30ft waterfall.

We are so blessed to have this retreat from the suburbs right on our doorstep. And so relieved that the government have ditched plans to bulldoze through it with a motorway.

Lately I have started to come here more often. It's amazing. Once you get below the treeline it's like you're in another world. No traffic noise, just the soothing sound of water gurgling over rocks. Ahhhhh, bliss.

OK, so slightly less peaceful dragging three kids and a baby in a rattley pushcar. But still - how spoilt are we to have this oasis right on our doorstep?

Man I love where I live!

(What do you love about where you live?)

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Widge said...

Wow!! what an amazing place to have at the end of your street! I can't even begin to imagine how that even works?!( I have never been to Auckland) soooo cool. Thanks for the spotlight on. I'm still so new to this bloggy thing even computers really so I have no idea how to put things like that on my blog...Thank you for your awesome kindness
love widge xo

meg said...

Thanks for the reminder! We went there ages ago and it was lovely. If you feel like doing some good eco friendly tree planting they have volunteer days once a month (I think) with free saussies afterwards :o)

PaisleyJade said...

Beautiful spot - we have some lovely ones like that up here... and what a lovely day today was - perfect for an outing like that!

Trees said...

We live on the edge of a city but 5 minutes away is the Lickey Hills Country Park. One of my favourite places in the world, it just 'settles' me.

Sophie said...

Gorgeous Simoney! How amazing to have that right on your doorstep!

Rae Ann said...

Wow! Great pics! So lush looking. Wester is very DRY. It makes the extreme heat quite bearable. Almost pleasant!

Melinda said...

That is so beautiful, Simoney! I am jealous! ;0)

I live about 10 minutes from the beach. We just went a couple of days ago and it's just so awesome to realize God created it just for us! ;0)

I'm happy to pray for your dad ... he remains on my prayer list for an uncomplicated recovery!

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