02 July 2009


I've been reading back over the kids' baby books lately, feeling a bit nostalgic. It's been funny remembering all the amusing things they come out with on their journey to becoming fluent English-speakers.

Scrag is just beginning his adventure into language: he has plenty to say at a rather loud volume, though it mostly consists of dadadad, yayaya and mumumum. A limited vocabulary but somehow he still has a knack of making his needs known!

Our eldest, Dash, was slow to speak and when he did, he made up his own words for most things. I'm sure the fact that his dad is a Geordie helped to confuse him. There's me telling him "No" and his dad telling him "Nooooah!" in this broad north-eastern English accent - and he's sposed to figure out that's the same word?

Here's a few of Dash's gems...
Voom voom vooties = Cars
His friends Henry, Mikayla and Jaylen were called HeHe, LaLa and JayJay.

One of my sisters had a really cute lisp and her memorable words for things included...

Mincemon=Simone (I am still called "Mince" by my siblings!)

Miss Fab was a talker from the Word Go. I have a list written in her baby book of the words she was already saying at 13 months...

Hello, Byebye, ta, Mummy, daddy, Dosh, No, Yes, Downstairs, bath,
tiger, dolly, nana (banana), shoes, tea, nighnighs, "boo!", bottle, "Don't touch!", kiss and poo.
21 words! I wrote underneath the list "I think you are going to be a chatterbox!"

Too true... she's never stopped!
Her vocabulary now includes: Actually, apparently and honestly...

What funny words did your kids have for things?

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Widge said...

It's great that you have written down these words to remember. you think you always will at the time but it's so easy to forget. at our house we have:

Pop Porn - pop corn
teppel - apple
byer - Grandad short for kumbyah as he used to sing this to my babies all the time. it was my 3rd childs first word and she used to sing the song at 12 months old!
the F word - truck (particularly embarrassing!)

our miss 2 has a lisp also and her words come out very cute...too many to list

Simoney said...

Oh Widge, you just reminded me, the kids used to love to sing and dance to a Planetshakers DVD; the song was "Jump around in the house of God"... well, it came out: "Bunt awound in da house of Dod". Bunt awound, Yeh yeh! Too funny

Sophie said...

Hey Simoney, thanks so much for the Spotlight mention! You lovely thing!
Having a good time with Gail and fam... they're going to be knackered by the time that they get on that train! Off to the zoo with them tomorrow! Olivia and Theo getting on famously with Amelie and Carys.
Glad to hear that your Dad is a bit better!

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