08 July 2009

School Holidaze

I never seem to get properly organised for school holidays. As the end of term approaches I am vaguely aware that those two blank weeks are approaching. Then, before I know it, it's upon me. A blank canvas waiting to be filled with playdates and fun adventures...

So where am I to be found in the first week of the holidays?? Madly phoning around: Anyone want to come over? Anyone around...? (Anyone want some kids?)
Oh. You're all out of town/have visitors/tickets/plans.

When will I ever learn? I seem to be the ultimate last-minute-Larry.

I'm the same at the weekend. It gets to Friday night... woohoo!!
Oh. OK... another DVD night anyone?

Hey, anyone want to come over for dinner tonight? Oh. You all have plans already.

Well, maybe we could find a babysitter and go out... Hmmmm, all our babysitters are booked. (Funny that, seeing as how it's 4pm on a Saturday afternoon).

When am I going to get a clue! Buy one of those watchamecallit thingamyjigs... a Diary?

You know, so we could, um, what's it called... plan ahead???

Anyone else out there like me? (Want to come over and hang out?? I've still got a week and a half to fill...)

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PaisleyJade said...

I'm like that!!! I'd pop over if you were in my town!

Widge said...

Totally the same! maybe thats what people with 4 kids NEED to be like....

Melinda said...

Simoney ... You described the story of my life! ;0) I am TRYING to get better at this ... I actually had people over for the 4th of July (asked them 2 whopping days before). Our grill was broken, so we bought a new one on July 3rd. That's my idea of improvement! ;0)

Been praying for your dad.

Sophie said...

Sounds like our holidays - we have had a week at home with both girls off sick and now have two weeks of holidays and I have literally nothing, nothing at all planned. But I quite like it that way. We'll probably jump on the tramp and play some board games and just hang out at home. I'm quite looking forward to it and trying to avoid all the people who do want playdates. Is that wierd?

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