28 October 2009

Call Me Dory...

You know, Dory from Finding Nemo? The blue fish with the short term memory loss?

It's a nickname my hubby calls me regularly when I have forgotten something (yet again) or done something that only a dufus-head would do more than once...
Like taking three kids to Pak'N'Save at 4pm on a Friday afternoon to pick up some supplies for the Long Weekend. That place makes me crazy at the best of times. What was I thinking???

Of course the mayhem, noise and crowds caused me to begin a meltdown...

After I mouthed mean names at a guy who crossed the road right in front of me at snails pace, my 6-year-old told me: "Mum if you only get madder it'll only get worser..." Stopped me in my tracks that did.

Dory! said my hubby after he arrived home from playing a nice relaxing round of golf. Why would you do that to yourself?

Why indeed?

On the upside, sometimes short-term memory loss can come in handy. Like, if you tell me your secrets I promise I won't spread them. Your secrets are safe with me. I won't even remember what you've said in the morning. There may be a faint hazy echo of something, but not enough detail for any kind of juicy gossip. Scouts' Honour.

Then again, the downside... I sometimes forget who I've done what with. Like one time I was raving to a friend about a great movie I'd seen recently and wondering why she was looking at me funny.

"Have you seen it yet??" I asked.

"Um, yes... actually I saw it with you, remember???"

Oh. Oops.

See? Short-term memory loss!

So if I happen to forget your name / birthday / kids names / phone number / deep dark secrets please don't hold it against me. It's just one of my unavoidably annoying personality quirks, nothing personal against you at all.

Just put it down to my Dory-ness, and please forgive me.

P.S. I went to see Julie & Julia on Monday night with my friend Meg. It was great. So in case I forget... Julie & Julia was great. I saw it with Meg.

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Gail said...

you dory you! Bummer, was going to see if you wanted to see this. Amy suggested it for another bloggers get together shortly!

Widge said...

oooh I want to see this! can I come with you Gail??? too much trouble to meet half way? would that be wellington ;)

I hate it when I forget that what someone told me WAS actually a secret! that sucks big time....

PaisleyJade said...

I so want to see that movie!!!

I have that Dory problem too.

Anonymous said...

Julie and Julia awesome movie...did you just want to go to a great restaurant and eat after????

And don't feel bad about the "Dory Thing" Dory was the funniest!!!!

Fiona Reid said...

Simone - first look at your page. It's so pretty!
You are one courageous girl putting all your faux paus out there for the world to see - shows that you're actually very secure in who you are. Hey - we are all a work in progress.
Loved the balance and wisdom your friends shared about the whole Halloween thing. When kids used to come knocking at my door Trick or Treating, I used to say "I don't like scarey witches and things - come back tomorrow dressed like normal and I'll give you some goodies!"
You are so generous (AND CLEVER) detailing how you have created things with all the instructions and everything. And you're gorgeous! xxx Mwah Fiona Reid ;o)

The Little Miss said...

Im new to your blog and love it!!! You write about fab stuff!!!

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