30 November 2009

Loving... NOT Loving... Myself

As always you know that I am not loving clothes shopping. Am I the only woman in the world who doesn't enjoy it??? On my birthday (you know the one where I turned 40) my hubby took me to my favourite clothes shop and said, "go for it...!" So I did. And while I was trying on clothes I took a long hard look at myself in the mirror. Oh Dear. Middle Age Spread is winning. My laziness has caught up with me. I went home and did something I haven't done for...months? Years? I weighed myself! *gasp*
Oh boy. I am NOT loving the fact that 8 kilos have sneaked up and stuck onto me while I wasn't looking. Shocking.

Time to face facts: I am now forty. This extra padding is not going to miraculously disappear by itself, that seems pretty clear. Do I want to have energy for my kids? For my husband? Do really I want to dread every summer? Spend my life avoiding clothes shopping? (which apparently some other people may actually enjoy)

I must take action. You know me - since when am I ever LOVING taking action?? But there's no time to waste. Now that middle age spread has a numerical right to be there, I must resist it. I must fight it on the beaches, fight it in the fridge; fight it at breakfast, at lunch and at dinner. And never, never surrender to the cheesecake leftover from my party! (anyone want some week-old cheesecake??)

So last week was a good week. No, a great week. I am proud of my efforts last week. In fact, I am LOVING it!

I am LOVING that I walked to (and from) school three times on the Walking Bus. I am NOT really loving this spunky fluoro green jacket though.

I am LOVING jumping on the trampoline. Oh man, it's so fun. And great exercise. However I am NOT loving discovering that my pelvic floor is not up to scratch when bouncing. Note to self: Pee first, then jump.

I am LOVING my delicious lunch of chopped fresh fruit, yoghurt and LSA (ground linseed, sunflower seeds and almonds). Oh so healthy and oh so yummy.

I am also loving that I finally got the time to colour my hair and get rid of the shiny platinum strands that were peaking through. However I am NOT loving this colour! It was meant to be "chocolate brown". Huh!! I have never seen purple chocolate before!

I am also NOT loving that I got asked at church on Sunday: "So when are you due??!!!" Talk about a downer. I ran and hid in Starbucks... with a small trim flat white. Really really bummed - I thought I looked nice! (Seriously people, unless a girl is getting contractions 5 minutes apart, don't assume anything!!! Some of us have had three giant heifer babies that have stretched our tummy muscles to kingdom come. You try it and then see how flat your tummy is!!)

OK, but on the bright side, at least I am doing something about it. I am LOVING the fact that I am making an effort. Oh, and that I lost 2kg last week. Yes, that's right! I am LOVING that.

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Melinda said...

Simone, I'm proud of you!! You are doing something about it and that's not easy. I just hit the big 4-0 this year also and my body has definitely let me know ... it's been letting me know for a while now!

I try to eat healthy, but exercise is my downfall. I've never liked it, but it's a necessity. Perhaps you'll inspire me to get moving, too! ;0)

PaisleyJade said...

Good on you Simone! I also hate clothes shopping... although it's a tiny bit easier now for me.

Ha ha - love the don't ask someone if they are pregnant unless their contractions are 5 mins apart!!!

p.s. you are looking very glamorous!!

Gail said...

You are doing well my friend! Looking forward to our power walk up One Tree Hill!!

I reckon that question should only ever be asked to men!

Rebecca said...

Well done Simone!!! You're lookn very chic on that trampoline! :)

Melissa @ The Best Nest said...

I hear ya sister! Turned 30 this year and rapidly swept that milestone under the rug. It's the grey that kills me, and the 8 kilos, I have some friends like that, they hang out round my middle - I HATE THEM.

Anonymous said...

you're awesome!!

Winnie said...

Well done Simone on your health kick,losing 2k is fantastic, and so is haveing your ears pierced, at last. You know what your next present will be !!!

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