08 November 2009

Smile, Snigger, Snort (moments from my weekend)

Friday afternoon: A traditional tickle session with Daddy and Scrag... *plenty of snorting & giggling*

Friday night: the little guy sees Fireworks for the first time *Smile*

Saturday afternoon: A special first birthday party at the Zoo for my friend Sammy's Little Man. *Smile*
These guys cling onto Daddy like shy limpets. Who do they think they're kidding? *Snort*

The Birthday Boy's cousin takes a shine to Scrag's mode of Transport *Smile*

...then someone tries to give the Birthday Boy a turn...
Oh Dear.

*Smile... Snort... Giggle...*

Saturday Night: A nice dinner out at a flash restaurant with Mr G's workmates *Smile*

I have just one glass of wine, so I volunteer to Drive home.

I stand by the driver's door waiting for Mr G to let me in... waiting... waiting...

Mr G: "Well, are you going to open the car? You have the keys, you know." Oh, duh! *Snigger*

I fish the keys out of my bag and push the remote button to unlock the door... pop! Oops I've opened the car-boot instead... Duh!

Mr G: "Are you sure you only had one glass of wine??"   *Snigger... Snort... giggle... snort... more helpless giggling* (Gee, I must have really needed a good laugh!)

Sunday Morning: Grandma pops up on the Webcam and Scrag comes running blowing kisses to her.

Sunday Afternoon: Miss Fab (a.k.a. Princess) has a lovely little blonde friend over to play...  then we spot Big Brother Dash, looking sheepish, hanging around, sporting a new slick hairdo. Awwww, cute.

*Smile*        *Snigger*        *Snort*

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PaisleyJade said...

ha ha - love the snorts, smiles and sniggers... and the sheepish big brother with the dashing new hair style!!

Gail said...

Hahahaha. Go dash! And loving the cousins unimpressed meltdown. Oh the joys!
xx didn't see you this am???? Coffee? Tues am? I will have Theo.

Widge said...

Awesome pics :)

lovin the snorts and snigger and smiles too. Great post

alpinekleins said...


What a beautiful place, your header is just so gorgeous, did you create it yourself?

Love the fun photos, and the tree lanterns are such a great idea - I'll use that for sure this summer in our back yard.

Best wishes,


banban said...

Funny! What a fun smiley, snorty, giggly weekend. Loved it

Laura said...

Holy crap, those kids are GORGEOUS!

and your husband looks familiar....

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