06 January 2010

The More the Merrier???

This was the view from our tent when we went camping last year: a beach front site. Open the zipper and wow, this is what greets you in the morning. It is to this lovely place that we will return to camp again... this is how close our tent is to the beach:

I have just been sitting here drawing a floor plan, and making a schedule and asking myself ever so quietly: Have I really thought this through??
Thought what through, you may well ask. Only going camping with two extra kiddies!


Yes, well it seemed like a brilliant idea at the time: "Take a friend each for the kids so they will play happily and we can all relax more, without the constant niggling and squabbling..."

OK, I still think it's a great plan... but the truth is that we are only now realising there'll be just a teensy bit of extra planning (and work) involved.

  • How are we going to fit four kids and a portacot in the back room of the tent?? (I think I have it figured out; but it involves getting kids off to sleep in shifts and packing them in like sardines. Upside: They will be nice and warm)
  • What happens if the baby wakes up in the night and then all four kids wake up and... (OK total mayhem would ensue so lets cross our fingers and hope the kids are all heavy sleepers).
  • What about Toileting? The toilet block is a good hike from our tent site... and we have a rule about kids not going to public toilets by themselves. Downside: A lot of extra walking. Upside: a lot of extra walking.
I'm from the More is Less school of parenting. As in, more kids is actually less work. They entertain each other and you can chill out more. Gee I hope my theory holds true to some extent at least.
The thing that reassures me is that Auckland is only 40 minutes away... if it all turns to custard (which I really really hope it won't).

And... the view will still be good.

And... as we all know, disaster stories make for great blog posts! I promise to take lots of pictures.

Do you think I'm slightly crazy???

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Trees said...

Great views! And yes I do think you are slightly crazy, but I also think you'll have a blast ;)

PaisleyJade said...

Yep - you are crazy ;)

Was just saying to hubby today that camping is a scary thought for us with 4 kids - but like you said, any disaster can have a silver lining in the form of a great blog post!

I am sure it will be fine... have fun!!!

TheAtticGirl said...

You are brave! I'm not a fan of tent camping. I've only been once and that was enough for me.


Anonymous said...

well, I would say slightly crazy & slightly adventurous and I am sure it will be great!!!!

How many nights are you going for?

Great view...that in itself will make it all worth it...whatever the our come!

Anonymous said...

I don't think you're crazy -- just incredibly daring. Can't wait to see the photos. Best wishes for a non-custard camping trip!

Weza said...

So not crazy... your idea is a good one, extra friends mean less parent involvement... well hopefully. You are going to have a blast. Love the sardine pic, very fitting. Cant wait to hear all about it. Oh boy that view... can I come too?

Sophie said...

The beach looks fabulous! Is it Tepapakanga campsite? Hope its all working out for you taking the extra kidlets out. Gosh you're brave!!!

Lyns said...

Just a tad crazy...no not at all, you are making wonderful childhood memories for your kids AND their friends. Your camp spot looks amazing. Enjoy!!

Anonymous said...

I think you're very brave (which is a nice way of saying possibly a little crazy)!

I'm sure they'll sleep well though, because they'll be so tired at the end of the day. I hope you have loads of fun.


Fiona said...

I agree with Lyn - you're making memories, and they're PRICELESS!

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