17 August 2010

Nigel No-Mates Holds a Pity Party

Today I was feeling sad :(
Sad and lonely.
I asked myself: Where are all my friends?
My friends are busy.
They have lives.
They have jobs.
They have families.
And here I am all alone,
no-one to hang out with.
Nigel No-Mates.
Woe is Me.

I heard somewhere that Retail Therapy can help with feelings of sadness, so I took myself to the local Mall and put my toddler in the shoppers Creche. Funny, two of my friends' kids are in there! No sign of the friends though.

Retail therapy??? HUH! It doesn't work for me. Sure I got some end-of-season bargains for the kids at Farmers. But here's a word of advice: Don't go clothes shopping when you are feeling lousy. You will only end up adding "nothing fits me" to your list of woes.

{Before you judge me too harshly for my self-pity and woe-is-me-ness can I just point out that my mum was taken into hospital yesterday and my husband is away skiing and I've had the flu for two weeks and, well, life is tough sometimes}

Righto, so after this pity-fest, feeling like a slug, I came to the conclusion that what I need is the company of actual human beings.

Maybe make some new friends since my current friends are a bit, er, unavailable.

So I have decided to hold a Tea Party.

Invite you all to come. Open up my home, bake you some scones, brew a pot of tea. Or coffee.
I am not talking "online" here, people.
I am inviting any real-life humans who live within driving distance of my house to come for morning tea. Hang out with me For Real. Drink Real tea. Eat Real Scones.

Any Auckland bloggers out there want to hook up? Any blog lurkers readers want to come out of the woodwork and come meet me? Hang out? Cheer me up?

I promise it won't be a Pity Party. I will be cheerful, hospitable, smiling and friendly. I will bring my A-Game.

You can drag along your little people, by all means. I have toys, I have a fully fenced yard. I have a Scrag who would love to make new friends too.

I am serious. You think I am joking??
Thursday Morning. 10am.
My House.

A Real Live Human or two for Tea. That would be lovely.
Any takers??

Leave me a comment accepting my invite or email me greatfun4kids@live.com
I will email you my address, when I hear from you.

I would love to meet you in person. Here's Hoping.


PS: My mum is fine now. Out of hospital after a heart scare. Thanks for asking.
Photos Courtesy of my Real Life friend Meg who is in bed sick {Scones and tea made by me}

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lisa Glass said...

dearest Simone, sadly I will be working on Thursday morning, but that is a MOST excellent idea and charming invitation. You are not a no-mates, you area a Million-mates, and not bad on the eyes either. Also, if nothing fits you, that's because all the good clothing that fits actual decent-sized people has already been sold, and all that's left is the outliers. Are you an outlier? NO! (well actually yes, but in a good, creative way, not in a clothing sizes way). Now go eat some chocolate and give that wee boy a cuddle. Love, Lisa G

Widge said...

wish I could come...wonder if there's any cheap one day flights to Auckland on thurs ;)
Know how you feel Simone, I get bogged down in this same area of hurt and disappointment too, to often. was just sitting here trying to get enough balls to post about it! Theres certain friendships I have that I would drop anything for yet it's totally not that way in reverse :( and then I DO have friends out there who would love to hang with me more that I tend to neglect to often...weirdness. I've decided it's time to start putting my energy into the friendships that are more real and mutually give and take.
hope you have a great tea party. you are an amazing person to know through cyber space.

Lyns said...

Um, I'll be there - with my two little ones...hopefully they do not cling to me like crazy this time, and I can totally concentrate on the adult conversation! Count on me for a pack of Tim Tams ;)

meg said...

If I get over my cold by then I'll be there! Feeling wretched right now but you never know :o)

PaisleyJade said...

If I lived in Auckland I'd be there! We will be there on Saturday for a wedding - alas, a bit too late.

Hope you have a fab time and feel a bit more cheered up! xox

Anonymous said...

I think, even if I tried, I couldn't get there for 10am Thursday. I'd have to be up before sparrow's fart. But I do sympathise and would gladly come and hang out. As you know, I'm feeling bereft of mates myself. :)

Penny said...

Sorry Simone, didn't think you'd be free 2 days in a row...I was on my own too! Did you have your mobile? You could have text me.

Sammy said...

I have two meetings that morning! Poos. And even though I am one of the "mates that works"....I DO love you heaps and think of you lots...does that help? In any way? My lovely wonderful friend? Does it? Huh?

Sammy said...

And I feel you should be Nigella, not Nigel... as you have to be the most unlikely candidate for a boy! A bit of a girly girl, you are! Nice!

emma @ frog, goose and bear said...

I'd love to partake in some of those delicious looking scones.....if only I didn't live in another country altogether....

Lyn said...

um, I could possibly come?? May or may not be with 2-year-old in tow ;-) I have a loose lunchdate with my brother who's over from Melbourne but my morning is free! I will email you separately for yr addy...oooooh how cool - I shall bake something 'high tea-ish' to bring along : )

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Well if I left welly at 2am I might just make it ;-) but seriously I'd love the opportunity to hang with you one day if we're ever in the same city. But for now I'll just have to be satisfied with blog stalking ya! Have a yummy scone for me on Thursday, looks like you definitely have some takers! P.s. I cannot ever imagine you ever lacking in friends!!!!!

Natasha in Oz said...

That is so not fair! Why can't you live near me :(

I am glad to hear that your mum is alright. You take of yourself and enjoy that cuppa!

Sending you a big cyber hug!

Best wishes always,

count it all joy said...

If only I could teleport myself from Sydney to Auckland. I am completely jealous of all those who will be in attendance, scoffing your yummy scones and sipping on tea in fine bone china. Looks like I'll have to have my own pity party now!

Glad to hear all is well with your Mum - what a scare for you esp. with hubby away. Be thinking of you all on Thursday morning. Meredy xo.

Leonie said...

Oh Simone I would love to come to meet you in person, but alas, I am stuck in Oz. Also feeling pretty much the same way about friendships at the moment too.. everyone's too busy. When I move back to NZ I totally want to have a tea party with you, complete with doilies and bunting too *grin*
I hope your Mum is ok.
cyber hugs to you.
Oh yeah, for your flu get some Olive Leaf capsules - i swear by them. I think the ones I took in NZ were called Good Health (in white container).

Anonymous said...

I am too far (in USA) but just wanted to post a hi to you :-)

Brigitte said...

Sorry to hear about your mum's heart scare Simoney. Good that she's ok now but it must've shaken you up a bit! :(
I (obviously) can't make it there for Thursday morning but I LOVE that you have sent an invitation to all your blog readers & stalkers! Brilliant.
When we move to NZ (that's right, I said WHEN we move to NZ) I'll invite myself round for tea XX

Anonymous said...

You tempt me with all that fine crockery and beautiful cakes. And alas i am over the other side of the world. literally.
I would so love to have tea and cake with you Simoney.

M2M x

Simoney said...

Well I am overwhelmed by the response to my teaparty invitation! I have four definites and one maybe... I even lured a blog stalker out of the woodwork... (she emailed me, she's a shy blog stalker, not a commenter)... so on Thursday morning I will be baking scones. Maybe even some berry and white choc muffins. The weather looks like it will be wet wet wet, si we will have a small amount of mayhem but that's fine. Yay for a tea party!
Thanks everybody!

Anonymous said...

Oh Simoney!!!
lovely idea
and alas, for obvious reason I will not be there....but will be there in heart and so look forward to a post about the gathering!!!
One day
One day

Anonymous said...

If I was in Auckland, I'd take you up on your offer in a flash! Hope you have a wonderful tea party - make sure you do a blog post about it ;)

Sophie said...

Look at all that bloggy love! I'd be over in a flash... if only transporters were a reality! Those scones look lurvely and your teapot! delightful! But I'd be coming for the company!

Simony said...

It looks so much like a post I would write! I know exactly how you feel. Sometimes I just do tea parties with my 2 kids or with myself, and imagine better days will come when I will have friends with time. Hope your mom is better, and your bad cold too! Have a great time on Thursday!!!

A Life Less Complicated said...

:( I would have loved to have come but we're busy all day tomorrow then heading over to the Shore for my sister's birthday. Sending your Mum best wishes - it wasn't too long ago my Mum spent the night in hospital with a heart scare - they ran all the tests and found nothing so they are putting it down to her shoulder??? A tea party sounds lovely - hope you all have a great time :)

Anonymous said...

We may have a tea party here too and I shall raise a scone in your honour x

Anonymous said...

I would definitely be there for your tea party, if I wasnt still on the other side of the world....especially as I have jack all to do tomorrow..

If you are Nigel No Mates, then I am Billy No Mates for sure! Especially when we move to NZ...so when we do finally land on NZ soil, maybe you fancy meeting up for a cuppa & a scone then?

Glad to hear your mum is doing ok

Anonymous said...

I am drinking horrible soy coffee from the icebox of a dining room, thinking about your scones.
(not metaphorically...) I would have showed up if I lived in Auckland,
those scones..........
I hope it's a good teaparty.
It's hard when life changes....
Have a scone for Megs over at 'over and out'
xxx M

Rae Ann said...

If I didn't live on the other side of the world, I would be there in a heartbeat! Hope you are feeling better! (((hugs!)))

banban said...

Yay, you are awesome!!!! What a great way to bring yourself out of the dumps. Wish I could have come.

Jaime-Ann said...

What a great idea! I have felt this way before too. I mean when I got married I lost half my friends, then after I had my daughter I lost the other half of them. I guess they were not the best of friends though people do change with such big events happening in life. I had a tight group of people I used to work with - then I quit. So now it's me, my computer, all my "internet friends" and the people I chit chat with while out. This post kinda put my thoughts into type.

PS - glad your mom is OK
PPS - I live in Southern CA, I think it's a little far. Skype Tea Party? LOL

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