06 August 2010


Is it a Bird? Is it a plane? NO! It's SuperScrag!

Check out this super-guy's guns {biceps}... he can leap toy railroads with a single bound! Flying through the air with the greatest of ease a little bit of help from SuperDad...

These guys are truly Super in my books.

{Awwwww! This is one for Grandma... hi Grandma, and Happy Birthday!}

PS: Sorry about the sucky blurry photo quality. I hate to use a flash, and this was the best I could do with natural light on a dull day indoors. If Mr G is asking, tell him a new camera is my deepest heart's desire for birthday and/or Christmas. One I can have more creative control with. You know, stuff like aperture settings, depth of field and shutter speed. I don't mind second-hand. Just want the control! But ssssshhhh! don't tell him I said.

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Lyns said...

Super-cute!! Bubble just watched it amazed to see Scrag!! Camera on my wishlist too...

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