01 December 2010

Christmas Stocking Advent Calendar

First day of December, first day of Christmas. I've been planning to make my own advent calendar since our Queenstown trip where I spotted a cute Christmas washing line one and wanted to buy it but hubby said, You can make that!
Gotta love his confidence (or was it his reluctance at spending $49.90 on an advent Calendar?)


So today I put Granny to work stitching stockings, and we love the result. Clever Granny. Clever us.
We have an advent calendar of mini christmas stockings strung over the fireplace, with a note inside for each day giving us something Christmassy to do, e.g.
  • Put up the Christmas Tree...
  • Read Dr Seuss "The Grinch"...
  • Watch The Grinch DVD...
  • Bake Christmas cookies...
  • Go visit the Christmas lights on Franklin Rd...
  • Dress up as the Three Wise Men and take photographs...
  • Catch the train into the city to visit Santa's Grotto at Smith & Caughey
  • A "Polar Express" Night with Hot Chocolate...

 We are really getting into the Christmas spirit here.

Here's how to make an advent calendar one like ours...


3-4 different colours of felt
contrasting embroidery thread
a stocking template (search "google images", copy & print)
braid, jewels or other decorations
a hot glue gun
mini wooden pegs (from a craft shop or $2 store)
foam numbers (glue gun on)
string for hanging (we used gold braid)

Cut out a paper template of a Christmas stocking and pin onto felt (right-click the stocking below to save to your computer and print out as template)

Use template to cut out 24 stockings (12 pairs of sides)


Use a contrasting running stitch to stitch them together. It helps to have a granny on hand. You may wish to embroider the numbers on each side. Don't bother. Just hot glue gun the foam numbers. Easier, faster and cuter.

Decorate the tops of each stocking, back and front.
Glue the numbers 1-12 on the fronts of the stockings, allow to set.
Flip the stockings over and glue the numbers 13-24 on the back.


Hang up your string somewhere cool like over the fireplace...
Peg your stockings onto the line. Poke little notes with Christmas activities into each stocking (for days 1-12).

When you get to day 13, flip all the stockings around and write out 12 new notes.


Enjoy all the cuteness.

(...and beware of the toddler who likes to rip off glue-gunned numbers. Be glad you wasted your time embroidered the numbers underneath after all)

PS: Since initially making this advent calendar there have been several stealth attacks by a certain toddler, ripping off my cute foam numbers leaving nasty glue streaks behind. I have now cut out contrasting felt numbers and used PVA glue to stick the new numbers on. That stuff cannot be pulled off. Hopefully these newer stronger felt numbers will survive any further Scrag toddler attacks!

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Gail said...


Weza said...

Fantastic! I miss having a mantle to hang the christmas decorations on.

Johnny said...

love love love!

Brigitte said...

Very cool idea - well done clever lady! X

PaisleyJade said...

Really cool idea! Have been meaning to make an advent calender from felt but just haven't gotten around to it. Love the idea of putting things to do as a family in each one rather than lollies!

Simony said...

What a darling project! My kids are already so excited about Christmas and enjoying every little step of the season.

Heidi said...

Fun and simple, there are so many great advent ideas out there!

Sarah @ Catching the Magic said...

Awww, so lovely and lucky you having Nana on hand to help! I like the idea of turning them over half way. We've also got notes of activities for every day. I like your one of dressing up like the three Kings and taking photos! I had all 3 girls home today with colds so we had fun unpacking thr decorations and putting up the tree.

Jen said...

well done to you both
I LOVE it :)

jacksta said...

I LOVE this idea! I like that you have put in activities to do too!

Leslie said...

I love them. great idea..., and awesome helper!!!!

Rachael said...

Your stocking advent calendar is neat ... I think I will have to steal that idea for next year :) I just discovered your blog today ... thanks ... I hope you reach 300 followers :)

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