15 December 2010


Today I coloured my hair, scratched my itchy bites while watching Scrag play at the park... and hoped the fuzzy wool that replaced my brain would dissipate before I need to use my grey matter for anything.

I've been thinking about spam.
Not the whale of a ham. The kind of e-litter that clogs up your inbox.
Letters from Mr Musubu, Mr Kangolu and Mr Tibuumba  asking for my very great assistance to transfer money from their frozen funds in Hong Kong in return for fifty percent of the loot. As if!
Do people still think those are real? Does anyone still reply? I wonder.
I must get at least six different versions of this scam in my inbox every day.
I wonder who these scammy spam writers are (and if they have ever heard of spellcheck).

I've also been a little bit flumoxed by my lack of Christmas Spirit.
What?! I hear you cry. You can't seriously be feeling un-Christmassy. But you put up a Christmas linky! You made an advent calendar from scratch! You decorated your blog header! You made a special Christmas blog page!

Why, thankyou for noticing.

But really. These are merely attempts to get into the Spirit of the Season.
I find myself nodding my head in sympathy when I read of people struggling with a certain amount of grinchy-ness.
Not for any lack of trying I'm telling you.
I've made rocky road for the teachers.
I've put up the tree.
I've written little notes in the advent stockings and done 98% of my Christmas shopping.
And still.

Decidedly unChristmassy at heart. Who knows why.

Then I read this post this morning, linked up by Gently Eccentric Mum. Thankyou so much, Ms Eccentric,  for linking up. Your post was just what I needed.

Ms Eccentric made a list with her hubby of what really matters to them at Christmas and then made a plan to fit all these into the Advent Season...
  • Spirituality
  • Family
  • Creativity
  • Community
  • Charity
  • Thankfulness
She also supplied a link to a free Advent eBook from a lady called Ann Voscamp at A Holy Experience with readings etc for each day of Advent. I am planning to scrounge up some paper and print out the remaining days. I want Christmas to be more for us than Santa and Stockings, gifts and pine trees. Maybe this might help.

So if you are feeling unChristmassy too, pop over and read the Post: Could socks hold the key to Christmas Peace. xx

PS My lovely friend Linda just reminded me of this wonderful clip put together by their church (St Pauls, Auckland). You HAVE to watch this. The Christmas Story told by kids in a unique Kiwi style. It's soooo lovely. The best Christmas thing I've EVER seen. It will make you feel all gooey I promise.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Hon-Google "The Christmas Story '" by St Pauls, on You Tube and you will find our lovely Film. It may improve your spirit?!
You know what the reason for the season is, so don't worry my love-just enjoy what you can! Linda xx

Anonymous said...

I feel ya, Simoney :) I don't know what it is about this Christmas. Usually the season fills me up...and at the moment I am feeling so unfulfilled, in spite of all the attempts at celebration, and - like you - wondering why. Will go and check out that link. xo

Amy said...

I have been reading Ann's words for years and they lift and restore me, aligning me with the reason, not just for the season... but year-round. There is little joy that does not spring from gratitude, and Ann's way of capturing this makes me think about how in our own lives, we can live a life more holy. Be encouraged darling - this heart-heavy dissatisfaction with the rituals is not because you can't hear Santa's reindeer. It is because you might just be hearing angels instead. Love you xxx

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

How very many of us there are feeling the same way this year! I'm fighting a rising sense of panic with all I need to still accomplish in the next week at work and home! So much for time to relax and wind down thinking Christmassy thoughts.

I've also been hooked on watching 'The Christmas Story' by St Pauls over the past day since another bloggy friend shared the link. My 4-year old watched it about 5 times in a row and loved it. I plan to share it on my blog sometime in the next week as it's just too lovely not to!

You know what I think? It's not about how many decorations we've managed to make this year, how much Christmas fare we've baked and how many different events we've attended.

I think its the sharing of our journey with each other, the quiet words of encouragement we can glean from like-minded people at this time and the little things like these uplifting clips - this is what quietly satisfies and nourishes the soul. Bless ya!

Sammy said...

I know! I have been feeling overwhlemed and not very Christmassy. So I made a decision to think about it- the reality of Mary and her journey. And what Christmas means. Hopefully this will kick start my Christmas spirit!

Leonie said...

I love the clip - totally gorgeous!!
Im not feeling the christmas spirit either.. just going through the motions... hoping it might change!

PaisleyJade said...

I have to confess that I am feeling rather un-Christmassy too. Cute video and thanks for the link... off to visit now!

GentlyEccentricMum said...

Stunned and so happy my post meant that much to you! Sending some Christmas joy right round the world to you, Simoney, and thanks for all your encouragement this year as I start out on my blogging journey. Ann's words have been the best part of it for me.
PS will edit the post when I get time to include a photo of my daughter putting Mary and Joseph into our little crib scene.

Weza said...

I too am decidedly un christmassy this year. My body has been taken over by a HUGE wiggling boy, and my mind is a fog. I have brought zero pressies in preparation and I havent ordered my ham. Oh boy. Its a worry.
Off to check out that link. Totally need to be doing some teaching to my children about what Christmas is truly about.
Merry Christmas Simone. xxx

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