30 December 2010

Forget Resolutions, I'm Writing My Bucket List

I have learnt over a period of many many many years (and failed attempts) that I should not even bother thinking up any New Years Resolutions, let alone writing them down. Like, don't even waste the paper and ink. Complete waste of time.

If I was writing resolutions I would have a very worthy list. It might look something like this...
  • Eat my 5+ a Day
  • Lose about 15 kilos
  • Spend more time exercising and less time blogging...
  • Spend more time playing with the kids and less time blogging...

But I know it's a waste of time even going there, making a list.

I simply won't follow through. I am the Queen of Procrastination and completely lack the willpower/motivation/stickability to complete my list.

So I'm not writing one of those.


I have thought for a long time about writing a Bucket List.

You know, a list of things you want to accomplish/places you want to visit before you kick the bucket.

I have just a few things to start with. But as time goes by I am going to come back and add to this list. And when I have done something off my list, I will cross it off. See, with a Bucket List you have a whole lifetime to accomplish it. So that's not quite so daunting. It's a wish list, a bunch of goals and dreams, things hoped for, as yet unseen...

  • Visit Ireland (DONE: October 2011)
  • Return to Ireland, stay longer, explore further (find my roots)
  • Visit New York at Christmastime
  • Visit all the beautiful historic cities of Europe... Prague, Budapest, Paris, Frankfurt...
  • Let my kids experience a white Christmas, build a snowman with them
  • Take my kids to Disneyland LA (like we dreamed of when we were on honeymoon)
  • Visit Switzerland (and meet up with Remaliah)
  • Meet my favourite foreign Bloggy friends: Laura, Maxabella, Meredy, Cat
  • Write for Parenting Magazine (DONE: December 2010)
  • Get my Kids Christmas Story published
  • Write a Novel and Get published!
  • Write another book. And another book... and another book... have so many ideas that the books just keep coming...
  • Earn enough money from writing that it doesn't matter where in the world we live

  • Buy a little cottage right by the sea and retire there when the kids have left home
  • Fill my cottage with flowers and books and paintings done by me; visiting friends, seashells and sunshine
  • A place with space for our grandchildren to come and climb trees
  • Begin each day with a walk on the beach and a swim in the sea
  • End each day with a glass of wine, a sunset and conversation with my best friend
To sum up... I want to travel, write and have an idyllic seaside life in my old age. I'll let you know how that turns out, OK?

What's on your bucket list?? Are you writing any New Years Resolutions?

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Fay said...

I love the idea of writing a bucket list instead of New Years resolutions! But in saying that I am doing the whole resolution thing this year and its basically to make time for me and put me first once in a while.

I've gotten so used to being a mum that I've kind of lost myself and forgotten who I was before I had my son, if that makes sense?

So I'm going to try my best to find myself in 2011. Maybe lose a bit of weight in the process and generally try and be a happier, more confident person (like I used to be).

Rach said...

The person who goes for a bucket list rather than new years resolutions should be writting a book (I would read it)... but maybe should is the wrong word? : )

Cate said...

Ooh - I'm with you on a number of items on that list. And can say that I've already crossed a few off too (comes with my old age hehe)

Will be cheering you all the way :-)

Sarah @ Catching the Magic said...

That sounds like my kind a bucket list!

I'm planning to focus on learning poetry, using nap times for yoga and getting my 5 plus a day in 2011 ;)

Have an awesome NY and wishing you well on your journey x

Brigitte said...

Those are GREAT things to have on your list! Your retirement plans sounds PERFECT!! I may just need to create one of my own. Kind of like a 5-year plan but it's a 'Lifetime' plan? Like it. Like it a lot! Thanks for the inspiration. Oh and I'm SO BUYING your books when you write them!! :) X

Anonymous said...

how about coming out to visit your Canadian friends?????

love the list Simoney
life is a gorgeous adventure

love and light

alicia said...

I recently had to read a book for my book club that prompted us to write our own bucket list. It is much more fun than the resolutions. Love the old age pic. Classic. Do you not get snow there? The build a snowman with kids is a great one. Happy New Year!

Neetz said...

I started writing my bucket list when I started chemotherapy on my 18th birthday. I am now 38 and have nearly crossed off all of the things on the list. I think I'm going to start another now!! :)
I would happily buy anything you wrote :)

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