17 February 2011


This is a picture I created last week out of the depths of my soul. I've been going to an Art Therapy group *bliss* and at the first session this was the image I arrived at.

Me locked in a dark abandoned room full of the dust of broken dreams. On the wall, a mirror, cracked.

On the shelf, a jar. A beautiful jar full of....something. Something precious. Something that held the key to my escape.

I'm curious, said the instructor. What is in the jar?
Try painting it out this week and see what comes.
So I painted the jar.

Still not sure what is inside. But I somehow know that what is within doesn't come from me. Is not dependant on me. And it holds the answers I need.

Praying for my Troubled Son one night, I found myself saying, "You promised me God..."
And suddenly it clicked. The jar contains my promises.
The words that have been revealed to my heart from Heaven.

I took my little painting along to the next session and waited to see what would unfold.

The exercise: Choose from a list of hebrew names for God. Pick one that "jumps out" at you and represent it on the page.

My eye was drawn immediately to Jehovah Shalom.
God, my Peace.

I drew the word in muted shades of pastel. A cloud, a mist of peace that I longed to envelope me.

The next step, draw myself. Where I am right now.

Tied up in knots, I was. Anxiety for my Troubled Son. Worry. Fear.

Now I was instructed to lay the two pictures side by side and ask myself the question: What would a God of Peace want to give to me, say to me, do for me today?

Peace would undo the knots.
Suddenly I had a sense of the rope being untied and stretched out to form a hammock.
I saw myself sleeping, resting in that hammock.
And as I started to draw it out, I found that I knew what I was resting on.

In particular this promise. Given to me twenty years ago, long long before I ever had children, or even a husband. A promise that God would show himself to my children and make himself real to them.
This promise I can claim for my Boy.

And have Peace, knowing that God keeps his promises.

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Neetz said...

wow... powerful post! I have never done an art therapy class, but would be keen as! I find that when Im really going through "valley times" that I doodle and draw and write....hence my journalling usually. Very therapeutic and reflective.
Love your pics and expressions.....I also love the promise that you're claiming for your boy too!! ((hugs)).

jacksta said...

Love this Simone. What a great way for you to express how you are feeling!

PaisleyJade said...

This is powerful and beautiful Simone! Wow - love the jar, love God's promises... our hope!

Leonie said...

oh wow Simone, this is amazing. I too love that jar of God's promises.
Wow, art therapy is so amazing and revealing. awesome.

stinaz81 said...

I agree very very powerful this post! I love the feeling that the last picture gives, the peace that it is ok and all is taken care of :)
Love it!

Amy said...

Beautiful journey.

Sarah (Catching the Magic) said...

Thank you for sharing your amazing journey of finding answers through art. Your artwork is so beautiful, especially having read your thoughts behind it. Wishing you and your son all the best on your journey.

Jen said...

I LOVE how God is working in your life
may He continue to give the peace that comes from Him

Anonymous said...

So clever
So talented
So real

May you see the promises coming. May you glimpse the light of hope. x

Sammy said...


Elizabeth said...

Keep claiming those promises... God always comes through, even if His timing doesn't seem to work with ours!

Rebecca said...

Wow, I wanna come too! The picture of him sleeping is so beautiful!!

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

It's amazing what God can make clear to us outside of our our usual means of communication. Such enlightenment hey. So so awesome. And He is faithful hon. So faithful xx

Anonymous said...

hi a friend sent me this link - awesome - stuff - love your honesty inspired me too - gotta get my space sorted really need this with current situation-thanks

Anonymous said...


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