12 March 2011

500 Posts and The Best of Me

This is my 500th Post. Who would have ever guessed I wouldn't run out of things to say after nearly three years blogging?

I decided to celebrate reaching 500 by offering you the best of me, the posts I'm most proud of.
Sometimes the words just pour out of me, and when I hit *publish* I know what I've done is good
- these posts I've listed here are those ones. Written from the heart.
A selection of posts I would love you to read if you missed them first time around...

So go make yourself a cuppa, get comfy and settle down to read a few...

Does My Butt Look Big in This? People apparently found this really funny!

Beautiful Curvy girls (and other humans) read this!

Getting Over Myself: Why I don't Care about my Thighs

Size Matters: When hubby took my to a Big Girls Shoppe...

Crinkly Squishy Cracked Warm... Coming to terms with Aging

Broken... how bones and hearts are kind of the same...

Walking With a Limp Why it doesn't matter that I'm not perfect

Dreaming... Childhood hopes and dreams

Butterfly Wings Some deep thoughts & inspiration

My Life is a Garden in more ways than one

Generations... Appreciating Life While We Have It

This is My Life... How I got what I wished for

Mother-Love... we took the Red Pill and everything changed...

It Takes a Village My thoughts on community

Creative You  Read this if you've ever doubted your creative abilities

I'm the Mum Who... Think you've got mothering issues? Read this!

Ten Worst Mothering Moments: If you're having one of those days read this!

Never Ever... Things I've learnt the Hard Way

Dance A beautiful song and some old photos

Out of Me The miracle of life and love

The Truth about Supermum (says it all really)

Wardrobe Wars... for Mothers of Daughters...

No Way Sharpay... and again... mothers... daughters... arrgghhh!

The Climb Ahhh this is more like it!

A Toddler's Guide to Getting Attention... just for a laugh

Do I look like a Teenage Girl to You? (where "Brandon" mistakes me for Mily)


It's Romance Jim, But not as We Know It: My Love Story

Hot and Not... What Really Does it For Me

The Proposal... The Day that changed my life

Deep as the Ocean... A Valentines Poem

The Science of Mess Read this if housework is your nemesis

Confessions of a Lazy Mother Are you starting to see a theme here??

Great Outdoors Why I need to kick my kids outside more...

Garden Tea Party... and the green-eyed monster

Girly Bedroom Makeover... a Pretty Project

And all the things I'm Loving/NOT Loving...

My Journey with Depression

Unexpected Journeys Life hasn't turned out quite how I planned...

And the one about The Miracle of CLS: My Part in the Story

Yay for reaching this milestone. Here's to 500 more!

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meg said...

Congratulations lovely friend!

posie blogs Jennie McClelland said...

Congratulations, i just hit 300 posts & have a cool giveaway, go enter, your efforts are fabulous!! Have a great post contemplating that bottom - that is such a funny shot, love Posie

jacksta said...

Congrats Simone...Thats a lot of Posts!

Diane said...

I never made it past the does my butt look big one with accompanying picture. Too funny!!! :O)

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Wow! 500 posts is o for oarsum! Went back and re-read some of these Top Posts. Gotta say that you have such a talent for writing whether it be witty, dramatic, hilarious, deep, entertaining, gut wrenchingly honest, you got it girl! I can't wait to see how God develops this talent further in you :-)

Here's to the next 500. From this avid fan xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Good on yer! Congratulations on this milestone. Keep writing, keep creating but keep something back for you xxxx

Lyns said...

Wahoo 500 is awesome!!!! You are a legend. Nice bumping into you this morning ;)

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