30 March 2011

Wordless Wednesday (Sort of)

Just an average Tuesday evening after dinner. Or so it would seem.

Somebody starts bouncing a ball and a small crowd gathers.

It's a feel-good moment so somebody grabs a camera.

The toddler hears the laughter from his bed and emerges, begging to play too.

Nobody can resist that smile. Bedtime is forgotten.

This day has been full of feel-good moments. Some photographed. Some merely observed.

At the centre of it all is a Big Brother who has stepped up to the plate.
A Big Brother going in to bat for his Little Sister.
This is how it went...

Big Brother {on the phone}: Hey Ed can I have a play date with you on Monday...? OK cool. See you then.
Little Sister {listening in}: Ohhhh not fair! How come he gets a playdate and not me?
Mummy: Because he picked up the phone and invited someone over. You can too, you know.

LATER {Mummy is around the corner out of sight as this conversation takes place}... SOUND OF a Phone Ringing {Dash likes to have phone conversations on Speaker phone}

Big Brother: {Ring ring! Ring ring!} Hello its Dash here... um, Dash G.? My little sister Miss Fab was wondering if Ruby was free for a playdate? Tomorrow? Friday? Ohhh not til next week... OK. Thanks anyway.

Dash {walking into the room while talking on the phone}: Hi its Dash here. Miss Fab was wondering would you like to have a playdate with her tomorrow? OK, can you ask your mum?... {pause}... oh you already have a friend coming over? OK. Thanks anyway. Bye.
Miss Fab: Is she busy?
Mummy {calling out}: Who was that Dash?
Dash: It was Yaz. She is busy until next week too.
Miss Fab: Oooohhhhhh!! Who am I going to play with?
Dash: Would you like to play with Miss Marvellous?
Miss Fab: Miss Marvellous! YES!! Yes a play with Miss Marvellous! Can you ring her Dash?
Dash: Sure.

{Ring ring. Ring ring.}

Miss Marvellous: Hello?
Dash: Hi Miss Marvellous its Dash here. Miss Fab was wondering if you would like a playdate?
Miss Marvellous: Yes. A playdate would be good.
Dash: OK, can you ask your mum what day...?
{a pause}
Miss Marvellous: My mum said Monday would be good.
Dash: OK, Monday then. Our house or your house?
Miss Marvellous: Your house?
Dash: Right see you on Monday then. Do you want to talk to Miss Fab...?

As Miss Fab eagerly grabs the phone and exits the room chattering excitedly to her friend, I felt a warm fuzzy glow steal over me. It has been a while since this Big Brother has shown such love and caring towards his sister, unprompted.

So later when that game of basketball broke out at bedtime, who was I to growl and chase people off to their beds? No, I ran to get my camera. And was pleasantly surprised that the warm fuzzies still lingers enough to make Dash willing to pose for a photo, cuddling his sister.

Times have been tough around here for a while. But things are looking up. ♥

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Neetz said...

Awww man, what an awesome post...I so love that!! I love seeing the brotherly/sisterly love in kids... it ROCKS. My bro and I are and always were real close, it is cool to know you have someone who consistently has your back like a sibling!! xxxx
Great pics!

jacksta said...

aw too cute! Would love my kids to be close too...sharing rooms seems to make them close..but I would love them to look out for each other like that!

PaisleyJade said...


Sarah said...

Beautiful! Pleased to hear things are looking up and I enjoyed your wordless (ha, ha, wink, wink, nudge, nudge!) Wednesday x thanks for sharing, such a heart warming read.

Lyns said...

Happy smiley faces = awesome xx

Sophie said...

Awww very sweet! Love his message to Pikalily on her blog too. I'll make sure she reads it this evening!

alicia said...

Maybe there is hope for mine too. lol. Beautiful post. And happy WW!

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Such a lovely, real family post. I was smiling from ear to ear reading this.

Sammy said...

Oh my gosh Simoney, I just LOVE your kiddies. I love hanging out with them and talking to them, they are really special little people. Dash is so lovely for looking after Miss Fab. Shes so worth looking after, isn't she???

Anonymous said...

it is a good thing


love and light

Anonymous said...

Go Dash. What an awesome big brother. :)

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