13 July 2011

WW: Tea Party

What I baked...

Gluten free butter cookies

Dipped in pink icing with sprinkles on top...

Ordered by this boy, and his little "friend"


I now have tea running through my veins. When there's a pot there, you just keep pouring...

We did have other guests, honest.
Bloggers in Real life. Venturing out in the wind and rain.
But the lurgy laid many low. And China swallowed up others.
Gail you'll be glad to know our tea party was Sconeless.

I should have taken pictures but I was too busy sipping tea.
What kind of blogger forgets to take pictures?
And then calls her wordy post, Wordless?

The Guests:
Penny from My Spirited Baby
Catherine from Catalina's Cottage
Elizabeth from Silver Lining
Meg from Growing Up
Renee from Memoirs of a Mother
Sammy from Cherished
Thanks for coming!

Regretfully Detained by last-minute Winter Ills
{and other believable excuses}:

Mon from Delissimon
Dee from Books and Bits
Lyns from Once Upon a Time
Misty from Midnight Blogger
Missed you girls!!!!

Separated from us by an Ocean Wide
{but not forgotten although un-Skyped}

Gail from Delightfully Diva-ish
You are in our hearts, though not our webcams...

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Elizabeth said...

Haha - my photos sucked big time, hard to take photos when you have a cling-on stuck to you!!!!

Lovely meeting you and everyone else, made it home safely and EASILY! Thank you for your map... hubby was so pleased I made the effort and got out!

When you finish with the GG DVD's, let me know and we'll do lunch at my place and do a swap for the next lot!

Gail said...

TOO BUSY TALKING TO GO ONLINE FOR SKYPE!!!!??? Hahaa. Glad you had a good sconeless time. Love ya.x

Cat said...

THANK YOU so much for hosting us at your home - it was really lovely .. .. ..

Sammy said...

Glad I made it, brought nothing and ate everyone else's food. Nice one! Only thing I didn't do was guzzle Simoney's tea....shameless.
Nice to meet new friends, will be following Cat and Renee soon!

PaisleyJade said...

Love the biscuits - so pretty! Wish I was there. Mmmmmmm!!

Leonie said...

mmmm... me too PJ!!!
looks like a very yummy spread and good bloggy times had.

Jen said...

ditto what PaisleyJade said :)

looks like it was delightful

Anonymous said...

oh was that today????
I so forgot
wonder if I can talk to you now....
looks like a lovely time!

love and light

meg said...

It was nice Simone, pity we didn't take more photos I guess. Glad you got some anyway x

tartankiwi said...

Good to hear that the Auckland bloggers are getting in on the act too. Your tea party looks lovely!!!

Renee said...

Thanks so much for having us, we had a lovely time, I so enjoyed meeting all of you incredible ladies and drinking from that much coveted teaset. Sorry we were so late due to ballet, but glad we came over anyhow :-) Yay for the world that has opened it's arms to me since I started my blog only a few months ago - wow! I thought about that messy playroom the whole way home - I'm so sorry I didn't stay and tidy it with you!!!

And I totally didn't even think about bringing my camera - whoops! Sorry!

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Wow what a cool collection of lovely bloggers you had there (and those who would have liked to have been too!) Those cookies looked O for AWESOME (ha ha). I'm hoping that the next big bloggy get together will be one I'll be at in person instead of making do with admiring from afar :-)

h. mcnaron said...

just found your blog on blog frog. i am drooling over these cookies. very beautiful.



Barbs said...

That looks simply superb, those bikkies and the teaset - wow. Maybe next time I'll be free to join in too.

Jennifer @ JenniferDukesLee.com said...

What fun! I have had the opportunity to meet some blogging friends in person, and it's been so wonderful to finally look in the eyes of people who had already become dear friends. Had you all met previously?

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