24 July 2011

When There's Nobody Else...

It pays to have a plan for the school holidays.
This is what I tell myself every time.
And yet still, here I am planless.
No holiday programmes. No soccer camp. Not even any playdates.

{Dash said I have to say "playovers" because "otherwise its embarrassing, get it? You're on a date??" he says}

Last Minute Larry, thats me.
Consequently other better-organised mothers have sent their kids off to have fun, and my poor darlings are frantically phoning around trying to find playmates. With no luck.

So they put on the Wii.
And with a complete lack of other options they end up... playing together.
I hear them from the kitchen where I am constructing roses out of fondant icing for Saturday's Tangled party.

They are actually getting on.
I hear laughter, and not the kind that means someone is having fun at someone else's expense.
The kind that means they are having fun together.

I listen for a while, basking in the togetherness vibes.
But the blogger in me can't resist sneaking in and capturing the moment...

...and with the click of a shutter the spell is broken.

Its back to squabbling, he said she said. He did, she did.

Silly me. I should have made do without snaps.
And left them alone long enough to realise that when there's nobody else around, their brother/sister is actually not such bad company after all.

P.S. I love making the Mii's on Wii. Dash's Mii is so cute - he has shaggy hair and a moustache. Hehehehe.

P.P.S. This conversation did not actually take place. Dash in fact won 5-0. But we can always dream that he would let her win out of brotherly kindness, aye?

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Leonie said...

he he, sounds a LOT like our house.
The kids are each other's friends these holidays and for the most part they are getting on fine...with the odd bit of social problem solving practice between them...hehe.

Trees said...

What a shame we're not on the same side of the world! I actually love the fact that we have nothing planned, this is the third year of disorganisation and we quite look forward to it! The girls play together and we potter around locally. It isn't all harmony and peace but it is so good to remove all that social pressure to be busy and meet up and do.

Angela said...

Does your camera make the true blue shutter sound?


Widge said...

oh you are much nicer than me! at least you let and encourage your kids to have playdates....I'm too lazy to bother. The last thing I want it MORE kids over when it's cold and boring at home and I just have this weird rule that my kids arent allowed to invite themselves round and have to wait to be asked. See mean aye. At least they are used to playing with each other though I spose (in between the fighting). and yes wii is a life saver!! :)

Catching the Magic said...

I love having our family 'bubble' time over the holidays and not having to be at 'x, y and z'. I'm never very good at pre-organising play-dates and stuff. It's so nice to go with the flow and enjoy some unstructured time.

Love your pics and speech bubbles, tee hee!

Anonymous said...

Hehe the "blogger in you" -love it! :)

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