15 July 2011

Thankfulness Cannot be Overstated

Its odd that for a week where we had an actual blog-meet, I feel very un-bloggy.
I'm wondering if its the weather? The sick child? Or simply my lack of photographic inspiration.
Its funny how much I reply on images for my blog posts, especially considering I'm not what you would call, a "photographer".

Since today is Friday, my thankful "things I'm loving" day, I have sat down to type something up quickly.
A list of gratitudinous love. A collection of loving thankfulness.
And I will just have to recycle some old images from somewhere, since my camera has been on holiday lately.

Firstly, I'm thankful for school holidays.
The children have been tired and grumpy, dragging themselves to the end of a long term, courtesy of the Rugby World Cup timetable. I'm looking forward to two weeks of not having to get out of PJs until we want to. Two weeks of not pushing kids out the door. Two weeks without lunchboxes. Two weeks without tantrums over hairdos and outfits.
And probably in two weeks time I'll be saying "Thankful that school holidays are nearly over and its back to school on Monday." I can almost guarantee it.

Secondly, I'm thankful for my Parents Moving Up.
My gypsy folks are finally returning to their roots after thirty-one years shifting all over the country. Their house has sold. Their stuff has travelled north in a truck and been put into storage. Tomorrow they get in their car for a one-way trip to Auckland. Where they will now be living. Permanently.
My dad has finally retired. No more delivering mail in all weathers for him.
I simply can't get my head around the fact that after more than half my life having to travel hours to see them, they will finally be living around the corner.
My kids will have grandparents on tap for the first time ever.
My dad is looking forward to watching Dash play soccer. And Dash is counting the days til Grandad gets to come watch him.
Still. Can't. Believe it.

Finally, I'm thankful for the Simple Blessings. 
I may sound like a broken record but the blessing of my everydayness can not be underestimated.

 The blessing of children. These little humans were built inside me. Three small people walking the planet on two legs, who were formed inside my body. How freaky is that? And what a privilege.
Sitting around the table the other night my eyes darted from one to another, marvelling at the children my husband and I had produced. My eyes there. His grin. My freckles. His ears.

The blessing of shelter. As the wind has howled and the rain has poured we give thanks that the roof does not leak and that we are not out in the storm.

The blessing of a planet. Clean water to drink. Clean air to breathe. These things are not to be taken for granted. Have you noticed the wild weather happening so many places? I watched Al Gore's An Inconvenient Truth last week and was stunned. The seasons are completely out of whack. In my garden I have a bunch of confused trees; some still wearing their autumn leaves; some with spring blossoms. My roses are still blooming. Winter has come very late. Watching Mr Gore's documentary has made me switch off lights each time I leave a room. I want our planet in good shape to bequeath to my children.

Have you seen An Inconvenient Truth?
Very sobering. I wish everyone could watch it (and that next time TVNZ wouldn't banish it to a rubbish 11pm time slot).

Thankful for the gift of Reading.
Thankful for The Library. And our Book Club {join in here}
Being able to read gems like A Thousand Splendid Suns for free.
Thankful to Leonie for choosing this incredible book for Book Club this month.
I have read it before but was blown away all over again by Afganistan.
And its made me so thankful to be a woman in a country where I am not a second-class citizen because of my gender. Thankful I didn't have to have a Cesarean without anaesthetic. That we have free hospitals and good doctors. Thankful my daughter can go to school; that she can grow up to be anything she wants to be.

So many blessings I take for granted.

What are you thankful for this week? 

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Cat said...

Oh hon do I hear you re school holidays *BRING IT ON*
I'm tired of lunch boxes and morning madness rush and cold mornings and wet mornings ahhhhh I can sense it now - fire on coffee in hand pj's on - bliss - and yes in 2 weeks time I'll be thankful he is back ::))
Hope the sickness has passed in your household xxx

Barbs said...

Me too. I love school holidays, especially no lunch boxes and no rushing particularly with one completely non-morning kid!

It will be wonderful for you to have your parents close by. We are using the holidays to visit my family in the Manawatu and Hawkes Bay. Wish they were closer too.

jacksta said...

yay that is so exciting about your parents moving to town!

Karen Greenberg said...

I feel the same way about school holidays. We are on summer break here in the U.S, which I was REALLY looking forward to when it started. I'm definitely ready for school to start again, though. Only three more weeks!

I am thankful for your book club, too. I've really enjoyed it.

PaisleyJade said...

So loved your list - beautiful reminders.

I am really excited for you guys re your parents moving up - grandparents are the greatest and I know your kids are going to love having them close (plus free babysitting for more date nights *wink wink*)

Anonymous said...

thankful to know women like you!
your list reflects much of my own gratitudes...

love and light
happy weekend S
so glad for you about your parents!!!!

Catching the Magic said...

Such wonderful news about your parents! That's absolutely fantastic.

Enjoy every moment of the school hols. I'm so looking forward to having my big girl home :)

And your photos, even though 'recycled', are fabulous. I love your creativity with photos and the way you capture real slices of life. They illustrate your words perfectly.

Happy holidays and yes, very grateful for shelter, clean air and water (Inconvenient Truth is a MUST for everywhere, should be mandatory watching for all!).

Elizabeth said...

LOVING the parents moving up - Grandparents on tap, sounds perfect! Hoping we get that one day also!

Lovely to meet you, hope you're enjoying the GG DVD's :-)!

G said...

hi fellow NZ-er ! popping over from maxabella. such nice gratefuls. I especially like the ones about shelter and the planet - important to remember. and also your sentence 'these little humans were built inside me'. lovely! x

Maxabella said...

It will be so wonderful to have your folks back in the fold. Fantastic news. x

Carey Morris said...

I loved your post today, especially the miracle of the children you built inside you. I often think about that and think "look what I made", my loveliest creations. I sometimes even think that Dads can't fully appreciate the miracle of growing a new person inside you. I'm happy you get your parents closer now. Mine live across the road and its great (most of the time!)

Kelly said...

Beautiful pictures, such a lovely list of things to be thankful for xo

Meghan Maloney Photography said...

Yay for grandies being closer - that is soooo cool for you guys! And I love the photo colour filter effects on all these pics...was it photoscape?! We have inconvenient truth floating around somewhere, reminds me I must find it and watch it!

Lee said...

It will be so lovely to have your parents nearby! Enjoy the extra support.

Charis said...

Lovely post... it'll be great having your parents close by. Mine both live hours away too & it makes it so hard to get to see them.

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous list of gratefuls.I think the one about your parents moving nearby is my favourite though. And yes about Inconvenient Truth. Utterly agree. I made it compulsory viewing for my classes when I was in teaching. Have a lovely weekend x

Laura said...

Our school holidays are over. Kids go back tomorrow and I think they are grateful for that :)

You are very lucky to have parents moving back. Mine moved away in February and it's been hard.

I have also been grateful for shelter this winter.

(popped over from Maxabella)

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