22 July 2011

Loving etc

Here's a random collection of love and gratitude from me...

Its school holidays and technology is keeping me sane.
I shamelessly admit that at 8.36am my younger two are engrossed in The Bee Movie while Dash is playing "flicky" (PS2 FIFA 09 aka Soccer on the Playstation.)

A couple of things to note here...

The Bee Movie is the stupidest pile of crap I have ever seen. What was Jerry Seinfeld thinking? I expect more from a so-called comedian. He needs to stick to what he knows, animated kids movies are really not his thing. A Bee who talks? And sues the human race? Come on. So while I am not loving this silly movie, Scrag is still fascinated. He calls it "Bee in Trouble. Bee make honey." Its cute. I love his cuteness.

On the subject of movies, we have revived the Shrek series these holidays. And Dash has adopted Puss in Boots big eyed stare. The first time he did it he totally freaked his daddy out. Those eyes, that look. I call it his "Puss face". He turns it on when he wants to get around us. It seems to work on his daddy. Me? I just laugh! Hahahahahaha...Love.

Speaking of Dash, he would be playing actual football if he could. But while he has no playmates he has to settle for the electronic version; he plays tournaments and whips the world's top teams. He takes on his daddy and wins almost every time. 

He's a genius on the playstation as well as the Football pitch. that's kids for ya. Technology is their friend.

Actual football will be played later in the day. Dash's "Futsal" team (indoor Brazillian soccer) has made it into the final which will be played this afternoon. Nan and Grandad are coming to watch. Love having them here already.

And look. Here he is all ready for his game. It's before 10am. His game won't be played until 4.30pm. That's a keen lad, right there.

Meanwhile I have been busy preparing for what should have been a simple Tangled Party for Miss Fab.
But you know me. I can't resist party trimmings. Could you really expect me to pop some popcorn and stick on a movie? Memories are made of this {and golden blog posts}

So I have been busy...
  • Sewing Rapunzel costumes 
By hand. Because as you know I am to scared to learn how to drive a sewing machine. I was the same with driving a car. Took me til I was 27 to get my drivers license.

  • Making a squillion jar lanterns. 
I have a whole Pinboard on Pinterest dedicated to lantern ideas. The ones I love are paper doily-covered lanterns. This involves using nasty spray glue to stick paper lace to jars. Very messy. But a gorgeous result. I'll show you how to do it later.

  • Making purple bunting. 
With golden suns printed on the flags. Not the sewn kind of course, the cheats kind using paper and staples. But it looks pretty fab. One more strand to go. I'll show you how to make that later too. Love.

Not loving that Miss Fab happily snipped up my sun stencil as she raved about my bunting prowess.

Oh mummy *snip* that is sooooo great *snip* you are sooooo clever *snip snip* I love it *snip snip SNIP*

Arrrrghhhh! I still have one more strand to go, remember! Making the stencil was the tricky part. Bugger.
Do I try to repair it with sticky tape? Or recreate the whole darn thing?
Miss Fab and scissors should be kept apart, like, forever..

Loving Birthday Present lists.
Need a translation? Yeah, Miss Fab actually can't remember what some of those things she wrote down translate as.

I am managing to go present shopping with kids in tow by sourcing things on the internet, phoning to reserve the item then swooping in for a quick pickup. Love it when your fingers can do the walking.

I am loving that Miss Fab requested a PaisleyJade softie for her present and PJ happened to have this little darling on hand. Love love love.

Speaking of faces, here's a face only a mother could kiss.
Scrag is so much better, but the snot is still flowing in steady streams.
He sidles up to me and says, "Mummy I know you wuv me."
Awwww. Of course I do my sweetie heart.
Then he says, "You wuv my nottys?" and giggles. Do I love his snottys? Er, No.
But still when he makes towards me for a kiss, I don't pull back.
I love him notty and all.

He's the one who makes us all go "Awww" ten times a day.
He keeps us in stitches.
This morning, Dash made it into our bed first, so he got the prime spot in between mamma and dadda.
When Scrag appeared he simply inserted himself between me and Dash, wriggling and squirming until he had his rightful position by mummy, much to Dash's disgust.
Then Dave (the female cat) decided to get in on the act. She jumps up on the bed and starts to get comfy.
Scrag turns to Daddy and says, "Can sumbody get dat choopid cat outta here? I don't wike her!"
Snort. Love.

That's the kinda kid I have. Cute one minute, hilarious the next.

To sum up:
  • I am loving snot-nosed kids who also happen to be cute and funny
  • I kiss them first and gag later
  • I'll take an ogre over a talking bee any day
  • I am surviving the school holidays with the help of Paracetomol - all playdate-offers gratefully received. Grateful for Paracetomol. And Playstation.
That's about it.
Tune in next week when you will hear me say, "I am so grateful that school holidays are nearly over."

How about you??

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Anonymous said...

Looking forward to seeing Miss Fab's party! Hope Scrag feels better soon. :)

Catching the Magic said...

Aww, lovely post and loving the party preparations!

The South African Kiwis said...

Bring 'em up here for a playdate - come on... you know you wanna!

Cat said...

Love Love Love the party preparations!
And you know I left your place in AWE of the bedroom set up with a TV - you transformed this Mumma (NO you will NOT watch TV) into a (HMMMM now that is a good idea - they'd leave me in peace)

Johnny said...

Snort! You crack me up! That made me laugh out loud. Scrag could join Johnny in the snot department...its everywhere!!!

count it all joy said...

The Tangled party looks amazing! The lanterns!The bunting! The hand-sewn costumes!! How do you do manage that feat? I admire your enthusiasm for the details, the details usually escape me.

As always, love the way you keep it real...lots of golden memories in the dailiness of life too. Meredy xo

Leonie said...

hahaha... love your view of The Bee Movie...hehe
And those lanterns look totally cooL! I have a bunch of left over mason jars from our recent party...

PaisleyJade said...

Love your loving posts every single time!! Can't wait to see the Tangled party post. You are so clever - I wish I had your energy when it comes to parties!! p.s. so glad I had a cute bunny on hand. xoxo

Ms. Kate said...

Your youngest is gorgeous, even with the snotty nose! Loving the lanterns - good job mumma :)

Sammy said...

HA! we all LOVE the bee movie, we watch it all the time and we've downloaded "here comes the sun" song and play it allllll the time!
We even know the one liners!

Mel Dehar said...

OMG my girl would love a Tangled Party-I was forced to watch it twice today!

Nikki said...

When I come back to New Zealand, I'd really like you to recreate the toy story party you did! It'd be soooo cool! When I was a kid, we only got one party somewhere 'cool' - I chose a fairy dell when I was 4, and the rest were all done ourselves! Love your loving :) xx

Stephanie said...

your post made me laugh. And I LOVE the Tangled party. My granddaughter was with us last week and we seriously watched that movie , at the least, 15 times! Seriously. She loves it and she's only 2! Love your bunting..so cute.

Gail said...

You're such a creative chickie - WHEN I COME BACK LET'S GO TO A SEWING COURSE TOGETHER AYE?????? That would be coolness. I've always wanted to learn!!

Can't wait to see pics of those lanterns lit up!!

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