12 April 2010

Cheats Bunting

It's no secret that I am a non-sewer. I am the queen of the Hot Glue Gun and the Stapler.

If you are one of those talented gals who knows how to drive a sewing machine, you will probably want to skip this lazy-girls guide to bunting. You probably already have your whole house festooned in colourful swags of properly stiched fabric flags.

This post is for the non-sewers; the girls like me who need to beg their craftier friends to do sewing for them (as I have been known to do).

This weekend sees my little Scraggadag turn TWO (boo hoo, not a bubba anymore); he is having a Whacky Wheels party.

Today I whipped up this string of bunting in about fifteen minutes flat (maybe less).

Here's how to make easy peasy bunting for craft-challeneged non sewers (like me)...

6 sheets of A4 lightweight card, assorted colours

Cut the card into horizontal triangles like this:

Fold each triangle over at the top, hook it over the string and staple it into place. Alternate colours and repeat. That's it. One very colourful strand of traffic-light bunting for less than $2. 

I also made a string of chequered flags to hang across the driveway/raceway. Enlarge a chequered pattern like this up to A4 and print it out doublesided onto white paper. Staple onto string and there we go!

Alternatively, tape onto straws for waveable flags; or position them in mini-traffic cones to decorate the table.

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A Life Less Complicated said...

this post reminds me of a pencil case I made when I was about 8 - my Grandmother told me off for stapling it instead of hand stitching! I don't think I'll ever forget that hehe

Jen said...

cool !!:)

happy birthday to your son his birthday party sounds fun
and the chequered flags sound cool too :)

PaisleyJade said...

Totally think you are the coolest mum ever! Looks amazing - can't wait to see how the party goes!

Sophie said...

Man Simoney, I don't know how you come up with these great ideas for themed birthdays!! Happy birthday to Scraggy and a big kiss,

Unknown said...

Excellent! And happy birthday to your littlest!

Anonymous said...

oh nice idea...love the short cut version!!!
haven't ween you at my giveaway yet...no worries i am going to hold it over for another week..

Happy Birthday Scrag!!!!

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