15 April 2010

Always Be My Baby

Can it be two years? Already?

Two whole years since this little bundle entered the world? Not possible. Surely it was just a blink ago that they held up this blurry shape and called, "It's a boy!" But this little man is not a baby any more. Tomorrow, he turns two. My kids have told me firmly: No computer for you tomorrow, mummy. It's Scrag's birthday.

So I'm sneaking a post in before then...

An Ode to My Baby who is no longer really a baby...
but who will always and forever be my baby.

"My Scraggadag"

The little one who makes me laugh and smile daily, at a hundred different things.

The little one whose chuckle stops supermarket traffic

The little one we thought long and hard before having...
(and now aren't we so thankful that we did?)

He has big blue eyes
And a smile that rivals the sun's brightness

His chunky thighs deliver a powerful kick
His chubby dimpled hands reach out trustingly

His deep little voice is learning to string together words
Mine, mummy! No! No numnums! Gucky poo, mummy!
Down, Mummy, peeaase!! Mooove Doshy! Me mummy knee!

Ah my sweet little boy. My littlest one,
You will no doubt end up the tallest of us all.

My almost-two, nearly-not-a-bub who wears size nine shoes

Doesn't matter how tall you grow...

I'll always be your mummy
And You will always be my baby.

Happy Birthday Darling Scrag.
16 April 2008

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Widge said...

Size 9!!!! my 5 year old has just started to get into 9's lol! (have I mentioned me and my kids are shrimps!!?)
Happy Birthday little scrag!!! and simone 2 is still little :) I was looking at pictures of our youngest's 2nd birthday last night and couldn't believe how young she looked compared to now -18 months later.

Lizzieholly said...

Size 9!! Rebecca almost 5 only wears a size 8!!

Jen said...

they grow too fast

Happy Birthday to your son

Gail said...

Haha Widge. I laugh as Theo (3.8yrs) is wearing 13s now! Yep tall boys!

Happy Birthday Scrag. 2 means FUN TIMES for all. Hahaha.

Unknown said...

Happy 2's to your little guy! He is a cutie!

A Life Less Complicated said...

wow size 9! Elijah isn't quite there yet but he's pretty small

Happy 2nd Birthday for tomorrow - I don't care what others say, I thoroughly enjoyed the 2s - it's the determined 3s I'm struggling with!

Unknown said...

Gorgeous! Brought a tear to my eye with that one!

Widge said...

omgness Gail my 8 and a half year old sits somewhere between a 13 and a 1! Better start feeding them extra weetbix ;)

Sarah said...

Congratulations! I have just read your 'so thankful' post and your courage blew me away. You are amazing and I'm so happy for you and your family. Have a wonderful time celebrating your special 'little' man's Birthday.

PaisleyJade said...

Happy Birthday Scrag - and well done Simone and Rory! Hope the birthday goes well... and yep, as you know I am a Bigfoot mumma so have kids with giant feet too!

Anonymous said...

I am with Widge...2 is still a bubby in my world!!!
love this post S
Happy Birthday Scaggy you sure look like your daddy!!!

Anonymous said...

Stop it! you're making my cry. my little one will be two in october and i am already in disbelief. as you say they will always be your baby. always special. happy birthday little man.

Sammy said...

He really is the cutest little boy with such a sunny and friendly nature- one of my favs!

Adriana said...

Happy 2 years to your lil man! (stopping by from sits)

myletterstoemily said...

and the crazy part is that you will feel
the same way about him when he is
18, 22, 26 . . .forever.

i tiny peek at the great, great love of
our Father.

many blessings on his sweet life!

Phoebe M-M said...

ah happy birthday for tomorrow mister
time does fly too fast, my little man is nearly 8 months, i can't quite believe it

by the way, i've tagged you in my last post
guess you'll have to wait til after the celebrations

Goodnight moon said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! So cute! Hasn't the time just flown by!!!! He is such a boy, through and through!!!!

I found you through SITS....I have a FREE giveaway on my blog. Come by and check it out. Your gonna LOVE it!

Anonymous said...

Awwww....how endearing and sweet. Wishing your little one a very happy birthday...and you continued joy.

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