22 April 2010

Creative You

"I'm not creative like you...!"

How many times have I heard that statement from other women? Whenever I hear it, something niggles at me. It makes me feel sad inside.

I wanted to write this post to get something off my chest. Here it comes:

We are all creative. We are Women. Mothers.
Creativity is in our very bones.

There, I said it.

Aha! I heard you!
YOU... the one thinking to yourself, "Nope, not me. You're wrong about that..."
You're the one I'm writing this for.

Girl, you were creative from birth. The seeds of life were already there inside you, just waiting for the right time. Your whole person was designed to carry and nurture life. OK, some of our girly bits don't always work how they should, but still! You're a mother at heart. And mothers are creative in their very essence.

We have a very narrow view of what creativity is. I paint so I'm creative. She sews, so she's creative. He's an amazing musician: creative.

But what about the gardeners (those pullers of weeds and coaxers of seeds)... creative, yes? The cooks, the bakers, the nutritious meal-makers? Creative.

The photo-takers, the hair-up-doers, the outfit queens? Creative. The op-shop hunters, the curio collectors, the bloggy wordsmiths? Creative.

What about the ones who love taking walks on a beach at sunset? Whose hearts lift when great music plays? Who cry at a great story well told? Those who appreciate beauty... creative.

Creativity comes in so many forms.
As wise King Solomon once said: There is nothing new under the sun. Most creativity starts with something borrowed - an idea, a style, a thought. We see something we like that someone else has done and we think, I like that! I could do that!
We take it, use it and make it our own. We give it our own slant and it becomes new, fresh and original.

Years ago I was inspired by my wonderful friend Rebecca. Her blog was full of ideas for wonderful home-made birthday parties, family fun and creative ways to make life with kids easier and more enjoyable.
I loved the way she did things, the way she parented. I thought to myself, I like that! I've borrowed her inspirations, I've used her ideas, modified them, bounced off them and made them my own.

Was that cheating?? Nope. That's how it's meant to work. We inspire and egg each other on. That's what's so great about blogging!

We are all artists, girls. Our canvases are our children, our homes, our gardens, our relationships, our lives.

We express our creativity through the obvious: art, craft, music, cooking, decorating, style...

...and the less obvious: celebrating, encouraging, enjoying, giving, nurturing and appreciating the beauty we see around us.

Still think you're not creative? You just need to figure out where your creativity lies.

Try some new things. Who cares if your people look like stick figures: have a go at painting; splash some colour around (then frame it). Hang your kids art on your walls, who cares if your home doesn't look like a magazine (fill it with what you love). Plant a herb garden in unusual containers; put music on loud and dance with your kids...

What inspires you? DIY programmes on TV? Your best friend's quirky fashion sense? Do you feel at peace with your hands in the soil? Does music soothe your stressed-out soul?

List down the things you love and realise that your creativity is not missing, it's just unrecognised.

Borrow the inspirations of others and make them your own, in your own way.
Practise makes perfect. Start somewhere.

And don't let me hear you say "I'm not creative" ever again, OK?!

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Gail said...

Brilliant Simone. I love this. We are all creative - made in the image of THE most Ultimate of Creators!

Jen said...

Love the painting
you remind me of the art tutor I had at uni she was great

Unknown said...

Okay, you totally stole my blog post idea! :-D I had this rolling around in my head for the past week, but you said it so well! I love it!

Unknown said...

Awesome Simone! I am with you there 100%.

PaisleyJade said...

Amen sister! Love this post - I have been guilty of being one of those people who always claimed I wasn't creative. I grew up in a family with a very talented brother who was an amazing artist and a creative mother so just assumed I somehow had missed out on the creative gene for some strange reason.

But it wasn't until I gave it a go (like you have encouraged people to) that I discovered that there was the possibility for creativity in me! The more you step out, the more you grow.

And like Gail said... we are made in the image of God and look at all He has created!!!

Meeks said...

What a great post! I totally agree!! (A great message to pass on to our children too!)

Weza said...

Thanks hun, I needed that. xxx

Melinda said...

Awesome post! I hear that a lot, too, but us writers/photog/artist types aren't the only ones who are creative! Loved your perspective on this!

Thanks for coming by to see me at the Blog Party last week! It's always great to see your smiling face pop up in my comment section!

I think I've said this before, but your children are adorable! ;0)

Anonymous said...

LOL love love loved this post you creative woman!!! hehehe just had to say that so I could give you the niggles...just wanted to be able to use the word niggles in a sentence...creative???? ; )
(we don't have that word up here)
you my dear are so so so so very creativity is beyond human boundaries and the world NEEDS all the different levels of creativity...or..lets be honest...what woudl there be left???
Well written, well said!

And PJ I had to LOL at your comment aobut NOT thinking you were creative OMG and YES I AM YELLING that is so crazy because anyone who visits your blog KNOWS just how talented and creative you are in so so so so many ways...but in saying that it is hard to see those good things in ourselves...it is part of the journey, I believe, to our true spiritual selves..I have defiantly been spotted on Self Doubt Road myself.
Hey if you see me there could you kick my butt???

love and light

Anonymous said...

This is a fabulous post! Inspirational and...dare I say it...creative!

banban said...

Awesome post, I agree. Creativity comes in many shapes and styles and it's all good!!!!!!

hope said...

I want all my girlfriends to read this!

It's so so true and it brought happy tears to my eyes.

Stesha said...

And from this moment on, I will utter these words: "I Am Creative! Thanks so much.

Hugs and Mocha,

Emelie - C'est LA vie said...

Oh you are so right, well said girl! Great post, great drawings, great looking kids! And you are such a sweetheart for coming to my aid right away :) Thank you - I look forward to follow your blog. x

CraftyMummy said...

Great post! So true

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest

dianeswords.wordpress.com said...

love the borders on your blog...actually looks like my left hand right now. I live/work in Cairo, Egypt now (been here for 9 months) and my birthday was Friday. So on Wednesday night my team took me to the world's oldest bizarre (the Khan Kalili) to celebrate they talked me into getting a henna design painted on my hand. Very interesting. As a former primary school teacher I resonate with your blog. It's sad that so many people think they aren't creative. And until they TRY to exercise that part of their brain they won't be. Keep on sharing your message. BTW Happy Saturday Sharefest from a SITSA. dianeswords.wordpress.com

Kendra said...

Stopping in from SITS! Great post! SO true! Everyone is creative, just in different ways!
Happy Saturday!


Charlene Juliani said...

Great post! Popping by from SITS...have a great weekend! Feel free to stop by and visit my blog when you get a chance :)

KNB said...

Oh my, what a beautiful blog! And I see that you have a whole section dealing with depression. My blog is about living with Bipolar Disorder: http://www.mommamaybemad.blogspot.com/(aqmong other things). Thanks for putting yourself out there!

Fiona said...

True, true, truth. Wow Girl, you know how to say it! Love, Fiona

Sophie said...

Hear hear!! Every single person, mum, dad, DINKies or singles is created in God's image and he is creative so we are too! Creativity can also be in... finding solutions to problems at work, finding time for yourself, finding a way of communicating with other people. Who says it has to involve a glue-gun, a needle or a paintbrush! We can't help creating, we're human!

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