Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Our New Favourite Thing

It began one night when mummy was tired.
Too tired to do anything but lie on her big bed and hope for some peace and quiet.
She lay there reading her book and wishing the world away.

A little girl skipped into the room... Mummy, can I come in?
Only if there's no talking, mummy replied.

The little girl piled books beside the big bed.
She wriggled under the covers, snuggled up to mummy and started reading...

A little boy saw the cosy pair.
Mummy, can I come in too? he asked.
Only if there's no talking, mummy replied.

The boy piled books on the other side of the big bed.
He wriggled under the covers, snuggled up to mummy and started reading...

Little eyes grew heavy. Little heads began to nod.
Before long mummy was surrounded by the sound of angels sleeping...

And so it continued... the next night... and probably the night after that...
Booksnuggling - our new favourite thing.


Gail said...

very cool. We do a lot of that too!

Jenny said...

That would be my favorite thing too (if Little Brother wasn't so loud). Must be sooooo nice!

Cat said...

that is so awesome!
love that

PaisleyJade said...

Our kids love to do that too!!

Sarah (Chez Lee) said...

Magic! We've been snuggling up together with the darker evenings too, it's so cosy and lovely.

Sophie said...


Kelly said...

Isn't that the best! Elijah often goes to bed in my bed and 'reads' - it's even better on these colder days, we both snuggle up and read

Jen said...

reading is so enjoyable
I love reading in bed
as does my youngest
and its worthwhile for all :)

Stella said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog! Looks like you guys are having fun over here!

Helen said...

Great story could publish that one. Have you read ' 5 Minutes Peace'? It is my favourite book I think, and very funny. If you haven't I will lend it to you.

myletterstoemily said...

brilliant! nothing more rewarding
than snuggling with a book and
the kiddos, snuggling with theirs!

Stella said...

I can't wait until Eleanor is big enough to do this!!! Thanks for your comment, yes I think photo books are the way of the future... I've only done a couple of the cheapies as gifts, but I think, like you, I will do a big one once she hits one, covering a year past. Easier and tidier than a zillion photo albums, and muchcheaper if you factor in the cost of the albums themselves!

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