20 April 2012

Not Loving but Still Grateful...

Not Loving...
Fishpond orders that never arrive
Finishing the fifth book in a series... when the sixth book isn't written yet
Chores that won't stay done
A vacuum cleaner with no suck
Endless Dust bunnies
Endless School holidays
Endless Complaints
Nits on kids... again
Fleas on Cats...
Fleas from Cats on kids...
Itchy bites, itchy hair
Endlessly zapping nits
Cat pee
Wet beds in the middle of the night
Washing piles that stink of kid-pee
Endless Washing piles
Waking up tired
Waking up with a headache
Waking up to endless complaints, Nits on kids and washing piles that stink of pee

But Still Grateful for...
Sunshine through my window
Dishes done
Floor swept
Fridge cleaned
A house to keep
Book Depository
My trusty Nit Zapper
Eyes that can see the sunshine and read the books
Ears that can hear the complaints (even if I'd rather not)
Children to love (in spite of endless complaints)
School holidays (in spite of their endlessness)
Heroic Husbands who swoop in on their black chargers
and take complaining kids to the Park for a Picnic and Pies

Thankful for a new day
Breath in my lungs
Love in my heart and a life to live
in spite of all the mindnumbing drudgery
I still have a lot to be grateful for.


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Johnny said...

xx ♥u!

Jen said...

pleased you have somethings to be grateful for :)

such a nuisance when vacuum cleaner have no suck!!

Miriam said...

Can I just say.... bite the bullet and buy a decent vacuum cleaner - we kept buying cheap ones on special and they don't suck - oh the frustration if we'd just bought a decent one from the start .... anyway! Great list

PaisleyJade said...

Yes - feeling for you. We too have a vacuum cleaner with no suck, nits, dog spew all over the house and kids that keep grizzling and fighting. Fun fun fun!

remaliah said...

yes :) I know what you mean about Fishpond...I think each time we've ordered it never comes. Book Depository all the way!

Lyns said...

Muh to nits, fleas, pee and headaches.

Unknown said...

I love this post. Such is life!

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

I'm reading the third book in that series - I will slow down to give him time to write the sixth before I get to it! Great post.
Visiting via Grateful.

Happylan said...

I love this! A great list. And agree with you about the Book Depository. Yay.

Maxabella said...

I genuinely believe that the good always outweights the bad.

What's this nit zapper? I think I need one! So utterly OVER the perpetual nits. x

Red Dalish said...

Heroic husbands are awesome with their picnic and kid to park taking ways!

Gail said...

Are you dousing with tea-tree oil???
Nits seem to love your kids!! EEK.

And once the cat starts peeing..... outside pet!?
Hope your week is much better!!

Laura said...


oh crap

so hard to be grateful when you are NIT PICKING

you are awesome to see both sides...that is not easy when you are amongst head lice

Kirsty @ Bowerbird Blue said...

Nit zapper, cool, I like the idea of really knocking them about.

Unknown said...

That 'end of a book' feeling is so exhilerating but so sad too, I always feel like I'm saying goodbye to a friend, and have a sense of loss for days afterwards LOL That is until I find the next one :)

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