28 April 2012

Intensely Debating

I've taken the plunge and switched to the Intense Debate comment system.
Just closed my eyes and jumped.

After years of dissatisfaction with Blogger's standard comment form, and the inability to easily reply to you, I'm trying something else.
Years ago, I tried Disqus... and hated it (especially the way my comments seemed to dry up overnight.)
But technology has moved on. Intense Debate looks prettier, less clumsy.
There are cool plugins that I've drooled over for years, like ComLuv, and now I'm finally gonna get me some.
So this is a test post, really. To see if my new comment system is working.
It won't show up on posts that already have comments - so if you visit any of my older posts, you'll be commenting in the old Blogger way.

But hopefully if I've done it right, from this post on I'll have a sexy new comment form with which to leave me your valuable thoughts.

It won't matter whether you're a blogger or not, you can get a reply by leaving an email address.
If you are a blogger, leave your blog address... and ComLuv will display your latest post, for us all to see. I LOVE ComLuv.

Of course there's the slight inconvenience of signing in. But if you use Google Chrome as your web navigator, it will remember your details, so next time you won't have to re-enter them.
Or you can sign in using your Twitter account.
I'm gonna figure out how to allow Facebook sign-ins too, when I get the chance.

So here's hoping that my new comment form will (a) work  (b) not put you off commenting and (c) encourage easier conversation right here on my Blog... so if someone leaves a doozie of a comment, we can all chime in and add our two cents... and actually get replies.***

Now I'm going to close my eyes, hit "PUBLISH" and hope for the best.
Did it work?

Please give it a try and let me know what you think....

***OK it's working, but if you want to receive email replies, you have to select "Subscribe - Replies". Then if someone replies to your comment you will get an email with their reply (but if you don't choose "Subscribe: Replies", you won't get them via email. BONUS: When you receive an email reply, you can actually reply to THAT by simply replying to the email... it automatically posts right back on to the comments, without you having to go back onto the blog! Crazy huh?

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