18 April 2012

First Class Titanic Theme Night

In the midst of all our party prep, we took time out on Friday Night to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Titanic's sinking. There was really no planning involved, I had no energy left to put much effort in, so it was very last minute.

But guess what? It was the best theme night we've had in ages.

We threw on silly hats and cobbled together outfits from the dressup box. 

We set the table with Nan's handed-down china and tablecloths.

We pulled out the silver goblets and filled them with grape juice. Mr G served up the fish'n'chips with knives and forks. We talked posh and stuck our pinky fingers out. We rang the bell for service (that never came)...

...and decided that Miss fab was definitely First Class, but Scrag and Dash might be more like... Third? Hehehe.

We watched half the movie that night, and the following half the next night, cutting out the steamy chunk in the middle (You know, the bit where Jack draws Rose wearing only the Diamond...? and That Car Scene? All Edited Out!)

Hard to believe how a ship which made only half of one voyage still lives on in our imaginations a century later.

Is it because of the boast "This ship is unsinkable!" and the irony that it sunk on its very first crossing?

Is it because of all the small errors and poor judgement calls which added up to a huge disaster? The missing binoculars, the lack of lifeboats, the avoidable huge loss of life?

Did you know that there was a ship called the California close enough to the Titanic that it saw her distress flares... but did not answer her call?

They didn't put that in the movie, but it's a fact. The California could have been alongside the Titanic in time to save everyone... but did nothing, for fear she would hit an iceberg herself. Whereas the brave Carpathia threw caution to the wind and raced to Titanic's aid in spite of the danger, sadly arriving too late to save any but those in the too-few lifeboats.

These and more are the things we talked about with our kids, stories of bravery, stupidity, meanness and courage. So much we can learn from the Titanic.

"Those who don't learn the lessons of history are destined to repeat them," someone wise once said.

Me, I want to learn the lessons.

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Jen said...

first of all Im VERY impressed by the boat you made
did you find the template on line somewhere??

great educational looking themed dinner

Miriam said...

Love that extra stuff you talked about with the kids. Looking forward to when we get to that age!

Neetz said...

Love the theme night! :) Everyone looks great! :) The boat is fantastic too!! How big is it...it looks massive!!

Sophie Slim said...

Fun! You are so right, it is such a tragic tale that has SO captured our imaginations!

Your kids must think they have the coolest parents around!


Simoney said...

OK, just so there's no confusion, that model of the Titanic was NOT made by me/us! I am nowhere near that skilled (or that patient).
It actually folds out from a book, one that a friend lent us when she heard we were doing a Titanic night. You can find it here...

Gail said...

Ha. I was going to comment on the coolness of the model too!
I'm going to hold off on watching the movie with the kids for a while I think. We have been reading a bit about it - fascinating stuff!

Johnny said...

Awesome. What a great idea! Reminded me of this post though, made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Loved it.x Granny Winnie

Maxabella said...

Your theme nights are just superb, Simoney. Your children are smarties, they really are. x

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