04 April 2012

Some Days

Some days I wake up with the world sitting on my chest
Some days my arms hang down; they have no strength
Some days my feet drag; unwillingly they carry me between tasks
Some days I count the minutes until the house is empty and silence reigns
Some days I wake to a band of pain around my head; a brain full of clouds
Some days The Verve are right (the drugs don't work)
Days like today.

Today heaviness is like gravity, pushing me towards the earth
I should not be sitting here, with so much still to do, writing
The clock is ticking but my keys are tapping as I seek to dispel this weight
Some days writing is therapy
Some days honesty is cleansing
Maybe today will be one of those days

If I can lift my eyes up, focus on the blessings
Sunshine through my window
Meeting a wise friend in a favourite cafe
Husband coming home, sole parenting over
I can heave a sigh, rest on the net of prayers that catch me
Get through the next thirty minutes
I can do this. I can.

{Depression and Me}

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Jen said...

praying for you

Sarah said...

Hope you find a lift in your day soon x

Your writing is beautiful, though you feel flat. I'm sure the sun will break through the gloom soon. I know the feeling well x

PaisleyJade said...


Anonymous said...

:( I hope you feel better very soon! I'm so glad it's finally a nice sunny day in Auckland, I hope you get to enjoy it xo

Mika said...

I hope that you are able to be lifted above the clouds. I hope that the darkness will loosen its grip on you and allow light to creep in....little by little.
Maybe today is a day where our own expectations on ourselves are released, and we concentrate on being kind to ourselves, and just take the time we need to get through today. All the best xoxo

Neetz said...

Sending you Love
Sending you hugs
Sending you sunshiney goodness to get rid of the shadowy grey/blueness!

And hoping that all our thoughts and love breaks through and reminds you how loved you are out here in bloggy world xxxxx

meg said...

i can identify with this today.

Sonia said...

Yep, we deal with this also.
We say:
Take it one day at a time, if not
Take it half-day at a time, if not
Take it one hour at a time, if not
Take it one breath at a time.

jacksta said...

Penny said...

saying a prayer for you xx

remaliah said...

praying for you Simoney xx

Lyns said...

Prayers and love to you Simone xx

Anonymous said...


Cat said...

holding you close my friend

love and light

Cat said...

ps the picture is stunning....yours?

love and light

Miriam said...

Yes you can do it and what is true is that you do, do it. Again and again and that is courage and strength dear one xx

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