11 November 2013

Please Forgive Me

I need to get off this thing, that's what the caption says.
And it's true I do.
I have been sitting at this darned computer since 8.30am this morning - apart from a rescue dash up to school with a child's forgotten swimming togs and a delightful half hour spend unloading groceries.

I've been sitting here so long now it actually hurts.
I've been making .PDFs and re-formatting pages (to get my book Kindle-ready); I thought I was done, but I'm not.
And now it's nearly 3pm and I haven't even had lunch.
Eek I haven't even had breakfast.

I had plans to bring you the story of my mother-daughter day with Miss fab on Saturday (photos taken on my old mini Sony point-n-shoot cos my camera had gone completely kaput).
It was going to be a Grateful post, but it looks like I've missed that boat.

I tell you what - it is a whole lot of hard work to self-publish a book!
I am a one-woman PR team. I have RSI from typing emails.
I am sure you are sick to death of hearing about it now, aren't you?

So if I told you that due to popular demand and super-quick book sales (of my batch of 50 for NZ readers) I had taken a leap of faith ordered another 50, well you would probably put your hands over your ears and start going "LALALALALALA!" to block out the sound, wouldn't you?
Oh no, that's right, you're READING this.

You would just click away and come back when Christmas is done.
Sorry. I know I'm rather boring lately.
It's all "Book... blahblahblah... book... blahblahblah..."

What can I say? I don't have megabucks to launch a marketing campaign. All I have is this space, and you guys and a few hundred Facebook friends. These things do not a bestseller make - without a lot of hard work and boring one-track conversations.
I'm really sorry about that. I promise that tomorrow, I WILL NOT MENTION THE BOOK.

I'll just say this one last thing for now... and then I'm getting off this gosh darned thing and making a quick cup of tea before the kids burst through the door...

View a PDF of the book here

Prices (incl. postage)
1 = $16.00
2 = $26.00
3 = $35.00 no longer available


Due to demand I have ordered another batch of 50, which will arrive shortly after the first lot. the next batch will be at the same price but +P&P of $2.50. (So get yourself a free shipping bargain while you can).

See ya tomorrow. When I'll be back and I won't say the word "CHRISTMAS BOOK".

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