18 November 2013

Grateful, Birthdays and Scrag

Tomorrow is my birthday. The kids don't understand why I'm not counting the sleeps, but Forty-four is just not that exciting, truly.

I've rewritten this next sentence now five times - the only party round here was a pity party and this is Grateful Monday, so I will refrain from explaining why this birthday felt like such a non-event (other mums will get it; you plan the parties for everyone else, but who does it for you?? I'd wanted to organise an outdoor Movie Night but simply ran out of time, after being sick, self-publishing my book and planning Dash's 11th birthday. Maybe next year.)

Which is why my little boy's handmade card is so absolutely precious.
Scrag realised on Saturday that Tuesday was mummy's birthday.
"We HAVE to get her a present, daddy!" he exclaimed. "And I have to make her a card. Fab can you help me??!" Off they went to Miss Fab's lair (which is crammed full of the crafty stuff that has gone missing from everywhere else in the house.) I walked past the room and heard them spelling out "love" and "mum".

Later he emerged looking very pleased with himself, my new-to-school boy.
"I've made you FOUR cards, mum, and you're gonna love them!"
Yes son, I will. I truly will.

Yesterday I woke up to something papery being shoved in my face before I'd even opened my eyes.
"Mum I want to give you your fourth card now, OK? I've got three more so you can have this one today..."

Assembled from sticky-notes and decorated with "THREE-D WRITING!"... this one is going in the memory box.

Isn't he a treasure?

We went to Starbucks yesterday morning, just me and him. My Scrag is Christmas-mad and he's counting down the days. Every morning as he wriggles into bed between me and Mr G for a snuggle, he announces the count: "There's 38 more days til Christmas... and only 13 more days til we get our Christmas tree!"

As we sat and sipped our drinks before church we talked about Christmas.
"What do you love most about Christmas, Scrag?" I asked him. "Is it the presents?"
"No it's the CELEBRATING!" he replied.

Me too, Scrag, me too.
I just love this little lad. His warmth and affection, his enthusiasm and his love just makes my heart swell up inside my chest.
This is what I'm grateful for today: my Scrag. His priceless cards, his sloppy kisses, his loving heart.
And you can bet I am eagerly looking forward to my birthday morning, when I'll get to open up my other three Scrag-cards, which will go straight into the memory box with my other priceless treasures.

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