07 November 2013

My Book Will Be Available on Amazon soon!

Last Thursday I had coffee with a lady called Joy. Neither of us can remember how we were introduced, or by whom, but I am so very grateful that somebody virtually "introduced" us (mystery person, I thank thee).

Joy is a New Zealand author of children's eBooks. She specialises in helping new authors get self-published. Joy is a fount of knowledge; I thought I was going to find out about formatting my book better for eReaders, but Joy knew so much more than that.

She put me onto CreateSpace - a print-on-demand publisher which is associated with Amazon, Kindle and the like.
Instead of being hamstrung by Blurbs' high prices and unreasonable shipping costs, I can now self-publish my book through CreateSpace and get it onto Amazon. For one third of the cost to the public.

We are talking about A REAL PHYSICAL BOOK! (It's a Print on Demand service, so when you order it through Amazon, they print and send it to you.)

Joy and I had only just met, but i felt like hugging her (you'll be relieved to know I restrained myself, just).

So this week, while juggling invitation orders, dust bunnies and a headcold, I have finally done it. Navigated US Tax Law, figured out the intricacies of PDF-making and got my book republished and accepted onto Amazon. (Kindle will follow soon; Joy is helping me with that).
Soon dear people, you will be able to buy my book for a mere US$11.95 (instead of $30+)
I am dancing on the inside.

But wait. It's not there yet.
Don't go rushing to Amazon and search for "An Unexpected Christmas" - it takes 5-7 days for a new title to appear in the store, but it's on its way, YIPPEE.
Next Thursday (they tell me, but they're American so they probably mean Friday) my book will be available to purchase on Amazon, all over the world.

OR YOU CAN GET THE BOOK RIGHT NOW: GO HERE and use this discount code to get 20% off when you buy it direct from my CreateSpace page: 4FXUJ2SX
(I just found that out; It will be on Amazon next week but you can get it right here right now)

View a PDF of the book here

P.S. The shipping costs all the way down here to NZ are rather atrocious, so I am going to bulk order 50 copies of the book and sell them to my Kiwi friends and readers through my blog.**


Prices (incl. postage)
1 = $16.00
2 = $26.00
3 = $35.00 no longer available

Due to demand I have ordered another batch of 50, which will arrive shortly after the first lot. the next batch will be at the same price but +P&P of $2.50. (So get yourself a free shipping bargain while you can).

Order your book (s) here now today

**Postage within the US is a bargain, at around $2.50; to the UK it's around £3 at the priority postage rate

I am beyond happy. I feel like a proper author, with a book for sale on the world's biggest bookselling website.
Ecstatic. It will be in time for Christmas, at a reasonable price. Just think what a nice gift if will make. Hint hint.

Of course I will let you as soon as it appears, and I hope to figure out the website enough to offer my dear readers a special discount as well (fingers crossed). Then there will be trumpet shouts and celebrations the length of the G-house. In my imagination.

Anyway, by way of thankyou to Joy, for simply meeting me (a stranger) for coffee and sharing what she knows so generously, I'm going to post the details here for her next self-publishing workshop, for anyone in Auckland or nearby who is interested in learning how to self publish their book.
(Joy did not ask me to do this, I just want to)

Findlay Books - Joy Findlay 
10am Saturday 16th November 
Venue: Liberty Christian Church, 96 Lansford Cres, Avondale Auckland 
Cost: $60 
To register: ph 0273257070 or email findlaybooks@gmail.com

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