21 August 2015

Tomorrow I'm going on the trip of a lifetime

Eastern & Oriental Express

This is one of those posts that is not intended to make you jealous, but it might.
See, tomorrow, I am leaving behind the humdrum everyday world and going on the trip of a lifetime with my handsome hubby. We'll be traveling through Asia on the Eastern and Oriental Express. (That's a train, by the way - and it's meant to be one of the world's most romantic rail trips. It's hubby's work trip; part business for him, all pleasure and relaxing for me.)

If I'd ever thought it might be humanly possible, I would have included the Orient Express on my bucket list (it's a very bucket-listy thing to do), but the idea simply never occurred to me. I never could have dreamed I would get to travel by luxury train through Asia, see the historical bridge on the River Kwai among other amazing sights, and stay in fabulous colonial hotels at either end. Who'd have thought? Not me.

Artist's impression of Me and Hubby on the train...

I'm going to take lots and lots of photos, I promise. Because this is going to be epic.
It's just me and hubby. The kids are being cared for by my amazing, brave and very wonderful cousin Cheryl, who didn't even have to be asked. She even says she is looking forward to it! I'll be bringing her back something special, I can tell you right now.
She's a legend.

Any mum will know that in order to leave your kids for even a day, you have to move heaven and earth, both. The amount of organising, favor-garnishing and chart-making involved is mind blowing. I will be bringing back bottles of Baileys left, right and centre, no doubt. I owe a lot of people, now.
But hopefully it will all be worth it...

The train goes from Singapore to Bangkok, through Malaysia

It looks awesome, right? The height of luxury travel.
We have six nights of being spoilt, thanks to hubby's hard work. And then we head to the Philippines for a different kind of adventure, definitely not the five-star variety but wonderful all the same.

We'll be spending three nights at the Children's Garden orphanage in Manila, where hubby went last year with a Mission team. That place captured his heart, and he's been wanting to take me there ever since...

Can't wait to meet Sharon and stay at the Childrens Garden orphanage in Manila after all that luxury travel!

I can't wait to meet Sharon, founder of the orphanage and all round amazing woman. (That's her smiling at you in the photo above, with her boys in the background.)

Like I said this is going to be the trip of a lifetime, in so many ways.
I really can't wait!

Now I have to go and pack my suitcase, finish off my to-do list and make sure my shower is grime-free for my beloved cuzzy to use without grossing out.

Eeeeeeh. See you when I get back!

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