02 June 2009

Down the Line...

When I used to work with youth, their relatives all seemed to live "up north" or "down the line." Down the Line. That's where my family lives too. Waaaaay down the line... a six hour drive away. So you can imagine it's not a trip we make all that often.

Down the line are my mum and dad and their new chickens. Half an hour's drive further on is my sister and her hubby... along with their seven gorgeous kids: "our cousins".

Dash and Princess ask repeatedly to go and visit their cousins. It's like paradise for them. Kids as far as the eye can see, every one a talented muso, dancer or comedienne. Too much fun! It's been a while since we've been able to visit, in fact they have never met Scrag before (due to crossed paths at Christmas).

With last weekend being a long weekend for the Queens Birthday and Dash having Friday off from school for a Teacher Only Day, Mr G said: "It's been too long, we really should go down..."

So we made plans to go... me and my sieve-like brain completely forgot that I already had plans for me and Princess to go with a friend and her daughter to Disney Princesses on Ice on Sunday! Duh!

So mum had the rooms all ready for our arrival: towels folded at the end of the beds, clean sheets and extra blankets... when my friend rang to remind me about the show. I felt like all breath had been sucked from my body - arggghh! Stress! One of those situations where no matter what I decide to do, I am going to disappoint someone! And what is Mr G going to say??? I told you to get a diary!

Ah well, in the end we reached a compromise which involved staying at my parents' place for three nights and leaving at the crack of dawn on Sunday morning to get back to Auckland in time for the show (more on that later).

So here are some pictures of our lovely (busy) weekend... down the line and back up again.

The kids help Nan check the nest for eggs...

"Wow feel it! It's still warm!"

"Mmmmm, yum, fresh eggs for breakfast, straight from the chicken's bum!" (Mum's words, not mine!)

Grandad helps Dash make a guitar for him to take to school for "News". Apparently they now have to bring things they have made, not just toys from home...? Building things together is great bonding!

Ta-Daaaaah!!! We did it together!

Reunion! Me, my sister and gorgeous neice Jazzy.

Cuzzies, bro! So nice to be together again.

Scrag meets his Aunty for the first time
The cousins in order of age: Jazzy (14), Madz (12), Ruebz & Romy (11), Dash (6), Lukey (5), Princess (4), Jess(3), Stell-Bell (2) and Scrag (1). There was lots of crazy dancing.

What dawn looks like (on the way home)

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Gail said...

Great pictures Simoney! I love cousins!! And nothing beats fresh free-range eggs!I hope Mark's parents get some chooks for our visits soon way-down-the-line now!

Sammy said...

So glad you managed to sort the weekend out Simoney! I thought you were going to pass out getting that phone call. Can I admit that you were really (REALLY)funny now??!!!?? You virtually hyperventilated! Can't wait to hear how Princess loved the ice princesses...

Tammy said...

Sounds like you all had a blast! There's nothing like an impromptu family gathering, no?

I, too, have family "down the line," 13 hours down the line to be exact. So, needless to say, we don't get to see them very often. However, in about 2 weeks, my family from down the line will be coming to us, about 18 of them!! They're renting two club wagons and driving down to spend 3 days with us!! Can you believe it? I'm still in shock myself!

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