04 June 2009

The Queen of Procrastination

I have a to-do list... somewhere. Problem is it's not written down. It's filed in my messy brain. Things keep getting lost in there. Like phone numbers, dates and appointments.

Hanging over me are a couple of things that I have been putting off for about a month now! Who knows why??

I was at a coffee group the other day, with a great bunch of girls who I can be totally honest with. We were all fessing up to the things that make us freak out/panic/get anxious (have you got all night??!!)

So I told them about my procrastination issue. All three things involved using the phone... to make a specialist appointment, to book a hall, to arrange a holiday with a friend. Random things. Why do I procrastinate, it's really not good for my blood pressure or my peace of mind!?!?

These friends came up with a bunch of suggestions to jolt me out of my procrastinating ways. One suggested penalties or rewards (been there, done that... it only increases my guilt); another offered to txt me every day to remind me (could get expensive?); finally a Gem of a suggestion: Why don't I confess to my procrastination on my blog... and then have to report back in a week!? That'd work! Brilliant!

Problem is, that was a week and a half ago, and here I am finally getting around to it! I know, I am the Queen of Procrastination.

But also today I managed to tick some things off my mental list: I booked the hall, I made the specialist appointment and I printed out a calendar to stick on the fridge so I can write all my appointments down (so I won't forget them, like last week). It's a Google calendar. You can input stuff and then print it, you can do it weekly, monthly, whatever. Mr G was impressed.

So now there's just one more thing on my to-do list. I have to ring my long-suffering friend in the UK. If she's still talking to me, that is!!

(Maya forgive me, I can't seem to to get the time zones figured out... give me a day and time to call!)

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Gail said...

Coolness Simone! Sounds like you've achieved heaps already!

PaisleyJade said...

Good on you... I used to be a super organised person, but have found that as time goes on I am getting more and more into procrastinating! Will be keen to hear how you are going on this journey!

Irene said...

I used to be extremely organised; now I'm just organised. I procrastinate once in a while, and I've come to think that it's a defense mechanism for my brain--as if to avoid major overflow and mental failure, I have to simply not deal with certain things right now.

Hope it goes well with you though! Keep us posted!

meg said...

Well done Simoney, I am with you about the phone thing, I don't know why but I hate calling people, especially people I don't know. Weird.

Sophie said...

Love the photo of you Simoney.
Good on you for getting them sorted :)
If the phone's a problem, what about finding another way, other than the phone, of doing things?

Simoney said...

Thanks Everyone for your encouragement! I rang my friend this morning, and you'll be glad to know she has forgiven me for my slackness and we are all sorted for our holiday. Yippee!

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