30 June 2009

Visiting Dad

Thanks so much to all my wonderful friends (both in real life and the blogosphere) who have been praying for my dad.

After a little bit of drama with fog and cancelled flights on Saturday, I did eventually arrive at my destination.

Mum picked me up and we headed straight to the Hospital - which was in lock-down as there was an outbreak of a Nanovirus and no visiting permitted.

Except that somehow Mum and I and my sister were allowed in. The other patients in my dad's room hadn't seen anyone in a week. And yet here we were, trotting in, oblivious to what a miracle it was that they let us in the door. (Must have been all those prayers??)

I was great to see the old codger with my own eyes, assure myself that he was not truly at death's door, but had had a little wakeup call.

My siblings and I are all in agreement that we want Dad to take early retirement from being a Postie. Yes, that's right, he's a Postman. My dear old dad gets on his bike, six days of the week at the crack of dawn. He lugs bags of Mail, out in all weathers, and never says no to an extra run when someone calls in sick.

In fact (sound of extreme indignation in my voice) on the day he came down with appendicitis four months ago, he finished his round, plus someone else's (some bloke who probably had a cold and didn't fancy going out in the rain) though it took him til it was nearly dark. Then he limped home. Mum took one look at him and raced him off to the hospital and next minute he was in surgery having his appendix out.

What can I say, the guy's a martyr. You can bet I gave him a good talking to. He's the only grandad my kids have left, and I am determined he sticks around for a good long while.

Anyway, here I am back home. Freshly landed at the airport. Dad is still in hospital waiting for the powers that be to send him to Wellington for more thorough tests. But he's looking perky, he's laughing, he's cheeky. A good sign.

Meanwhile Mr G held down the fort at home and managed superbly. The kids were great (no dramas); he let the housework go and just did a quick blitz before he picked me up from the airport.

Apparently my job is not as easy as it looks?? Yes indeed, he has a new appreciation for me. I was greeted with flowers and there was a love letter waiting for me on my pillow (awww, so sweet).

Yep, it's good to be home.

Please keep praying for dad if you can... he's not out of the woods yet and now my mum is rattling around on her own with the nanovirus vistor ban still in place. Thanks so much, friends!!

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Nanny Dee said...

Hi -- just left a comment on the tidy up song post! Wanted you to know I'll keep your Dad in my prayers as well!

Found you and will be following through the MBC "under 100" group.


meg said...

Hi Simone
Nice to see happy piccys of you and your Dad. Will see you soon!
Meg x

Tammy said...

Glad to see that things are going well! Still prayin'!!

Simoney said...

I heard from mum last night; dad had his angiogram yesterday and they found three blocked valves. He is going to have to have a triple bypass. Thank goodness they found out before he had a MAJOR heart attack that caused lots of damage. Thanks to everyone for your prayers. xx

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