15 June 2009

Fabulous Farmyard Party


This Saturday just gone, we had the privilege of hosting a fifth Birthday Farmyard Party for my friend Nic's daughter Sofia. They have just moved to Taupo, and with it being such a special birthday, they wanted to have the family and friends from Auckland... so we volunteered to have it at our house.


The weather forecast looked grim all week (not great for an outdoor party, complete with mobile farmyard). Thank heavens those forecasters are more often wrong than right. Apart from a few passing spits the weather was lovely - just right for a crisp day at the (suburban) Farm to celebrate turning five.

Nic put a huge amount of effort in to the plans with an amazing farmyard spread (see below). She had to plan and coordinate everything from a distance, which was pretty stressful, and we were still finishing off decorating the cake when the first guests started to arrive! However, in true "farming community" style all the mums pitched in to help finish off little sheep and piggy cupcakes... it was a great case of "mucking in".

We borrowed some hobby horses for races and there was apple-bobbing (with apples actually being eaten), tree-climbing and lemonade drinking until the farmer arrived.

"Farmer Paul" parked up his mobile farm truck at the park at the end of our street, and the kids went off to have pony rides, and pet the rabbits and mice.

It was a fabulous afternoon, the parents/aunts and uncles/grandparents enjoying it as much as the the kiddies. And then the wonderful "farming community" spirit kicked into action again at the end and left me a lovely tidy house with all the dishes done.

All in all, a truly wonderful party!

Fantastic Farmyard Food

Old-Fashioned Lemonade: What else for a Farmyard Party?? So delicious and refreshing served with lots of ice. Click here for the recipe...

Moo Shakes: Add some chocolate syrup to a 3 litre bottle of milk and shake well. Attach brown string to clear plastic cups (for a tail); stick white marshmallow halves (sticky side in) onto the cups just before serving. Pour in chocolate milk and finish off with a cow straw. (Photocopy a cow face, cut out and tape onto straw)

Farmyard Pies: Get a packet of pre-rolled short crust pastry; cut out in animal shapes with a cookie cutter; fill with a mixture of Minced beef, tomato sauce, bread crumbs and Worcestershire sauce. Press edges together, brush with milk and a scatter of sesame seeds. Bake at 180oc for 10-15 minutes.

Sheep and Piggy Cupcakes: Using pink and white marshmallows to decorate; with raspberry straps and chocolate chips for the eyes. You've got to love that buttercream icing! Mmmm...

Haybale Lamingtons: Using plain unfilled sponge cake cut into small rectangular shapes to resemble haybales. Dip into caramel sauce and then roll in shredded toasted coconut. We arranged them on the plate with some leftover chocolate "fences" and spare farm animals.

There was also:
  • mini-corn cobs (microwaved from frozen)
  • Iced Animal biscuits (using the same cookie cutters as for the pies)
  • Baby carrots (with their tops still on)
  • Mandarins (in a mini toy wheelbarrow)
  • Sausage rolls
  • Scones with crabapple jelly and cream; served with a cup of tea for the grownups

The Birthday Cake: Nic borrowed a number "5" cake tin and baked double recipe to make a lovely deep cake. She iced it with green butter cream icing, with a clay-coloured section in the middle. She piped melted chocolate onto baking paper in the shape of fences; the chocolate "fences" she stuck in a round the edge of the cake, then arranged plastic farm animals on the "farm"; the piggy was also stuck in a pile of chocolate mud and the ducks were splashing in a blue gel "pool".
The birthday girl loved it!


Setting the Farmyard Scene

Home-made Fabric Bunting: Nic made a string of bunting which we strung up under the carport where the party table was. To make: Cut out flag-shaped triangles of patterned fabric using pinking sheers (for a zig-zag, no-sew edge); Use a variety of spots, stripes and checked fabric. Fold over the top edge and sew, so that a string can be threaded through. Thread a long string through all the "flags" and you have a lovely strand of bunting.

The Table: Nic set the table with a red checked cloth; she had a number of enamel "pots" which she used to display the food as well as baskets lined with tea-towels; She had bought a selection of paper napkins in red and blue spots and checks, contrasted with plain red plastic plates. We found a wooden toy tractor in the toy box and popped it on the table. Apart from that, the food was it's own decoration. (Other tables were also covered with various bright checkered cloths.)

Apple bobbing: An enamel bucket was set up on the one haybale we had. Very farm-like.

{We ran out of time to Pin the Tail on the Donkey and Toss the Gumboot... we were all having way too much fun climbing trees and racing horses...}

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meg said...

It looks so cute! What a lovely party.

Gail said...

Coolness! Those cupcakes are too cute!

Penny said...

Wow! Getting so many ideas

Staci A said...

Sounds like such a fun party! I'm sure the kids had a blast. I absolutely love the cake and cupcakes-adorable!

sarasophia said...


I love parties:)

We JUST had a combined pirate/fairy party for my one year old and six year old. I posted a million pics--come see?
I would love to be friends with a fellow "party planner":)

<3 sarasophia

Gail said...

hey, which farm place did you use in the end?

A To Zebra Celebrations said...

wow!! I loooove your party!! those haybales are perfect for my daughter's party next weekend....thanks for the ideas!!!! ~NANCY~

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