16 July 2009

Fit for A Queen

I have decided I am living in the wrong century. This realisation came to me today after I received a package in the mail; a corset bought online to complete the Queen's outfit I'm putting together for Princess's Royal Ball party next week.

It's a thing of beauty, red with black brocade, purchased for a mere $13 on TradeMe. I put it on (once I had figured out how the ties at the back worked) and...

Oh My. There's my waist! Hey, where did my tummy disappear to???

I am in love with my corset.

Why did we curvy gals stop demanding to wear these wonderful pieces of engineering? Was it those darn bra-burners in the Sixties? Or should I blame the Suffragettes?

All I know is that I have the kind of figure that looks very nice when it's all hemmed in with a lovely corset. Not only that but I think it really helps my posture too (I tend to slouch - not possible when you are wearing a corset!)

I may consider starting a corset revival movement... or just start wearing my corset with jeans? Isn't that look being worn by trendy young things these days?

My $13 Queen's Outfit:

Skirt: Remodel an old mosquito net.

Find one stashed away in the garage. Cut out the middle bit so you are left with a really really long skirt. Remove the string that is threaded through the top; re-thread with elastic and tie to the right length (try it on). While wearing it, open a packet of dressmakers pins. Grab a fold of mozzie net and drape and pin until the bottom is just touching the floor. Repeat process until the whole thing is pinned up into a bouffy, layered floor length skirt. Get a needle and thread and firmly stitch each bunch of fabric to the waistline. Press the stitching with an iron to minimise bunching. Wear with a Corset.

Corset: Find one cheap online. Make sure it is a vibrant colour, like red. Be amazed at how fabulous you look without having to diet at all.

Top: Check your wardrobe and find something muslin or plain black with a scoop-neck; preferrably with bell-sleeves.

Wear with ballet flats, $2 shop crown & velvet choker (optional: glue-gun on some fake jewels)

Be prepared for your kids to exclaim, "Wow mummy, you look beautiful...!" and your hubby's eyes to pop out of his head.

Photography by Princess and Me, Myself, I (sorry about the quality!)

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PaisleyJade said...

Very pretty - love the colour! Yes, I think they should come back in - I'm keen!!

Gail said...

Good find!
I'm not keen for a return - too fidgety for me... I have trouble remembering to do my fly up on my jeans! Haha.

meg said...

You look great ;o) yeah perfect with jeans.

Sophie said...

I'll BET his eyes popped out of his head! Fantastic Simoney!!

Theta Mom said...

Great blog! :)Following you from MBC! You can find me at http://www.thetamom.com

Widge said...

I've always said I should have been in the corset wearing days!!suck everything in and hide the thighs under a big poofy skirt would be bliss. Beats muffin tops thats for sure. I love the fabric and colour of yours too :) xo

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