23 August 2009


Computer time has been hard to come by for me lately, for one reason or another. Not that I haven't wanted to blog... oh no, on the contrary I have stories coming out my ears! But where to start? Right now I may only have minutes before the Working Guy comes to claim the computer back. So the best I can hope for a bunch of Snippets...

Tiger Tiger
Last Saturday I had the fun of taking Scrag to his very first Birthday Party without his big bro and sis. My lovely friend and neighbour Linda had her youngest girl Immy turning two, and our little guy was invited, just him, to her special Tiger Party (because Immy loves Scrag).

He looked so darn cute in his enormous leopard costume (the closest thing to a tiger one I could find to borrow). It was a gorgeous party, very simple but Tiger-y.
The great face painting was done by Immy's clever dad, who also decorated the amazing Birthday Cake to look like "Tigress" from KungFu Panda.

Scrag managed to escape out the front door, find the nearest muddy puddle and then track mud all over Linda's carpet. But Linda is so gracious, she didn't hold it against us (at least I don't think she did??)

All Arty....

Last Sunday me and my great friend Gail took our creative daughters to the Auckland Art Gallery's Kids Club. Gail manages to find out about lots of cool stuff, so me and The Princess tagged along, even though we didn't have a space booked. You know, turn up and hope for the best....?

We got to have lunch together, the girls created fab hat creations, Gail and I explored the Rita Angus Exhibition while the girls were creating and then of course we topped it off with a coffee. I love the age our kids are getting to now, where we can really enjoy doing creative things with them. It was a wonderful afternoon - more especially because we got to do it with our special friends.

Why I Hate Shopping...

In preparation for our trip to the UK I made a feeble half-hearted foray into a couple of clothes shops this week. This is in order to avoid the depressing and discouraging minefield that is UK clothes shops (where I am automatically 2 sizes larger and banished to Big Girl shops!)

It's not much better here in NZ. The reason I dress so boringly is because I hate clothes shopping.

And the reason I hate clothes shopping is because I always come away (a) empty handed and (b) feeling embarrassed and dissatisfied with my wobbly bits. Which I am quite happy to lazily live with on days when I don't have to strip off and stand in front of fun house mirrors in an attempt to liven up my wardrobe. Darn It. That's why I usually shop Ezibuy!!

Cousins from Spain...

On Friday my brother and his family arrived from Spain to visit us on their way to spend a month with mum and dad. It's been two and a half years since we saw each other. We've each had another baby since then, so there were new cousins to meet and lots of squealing and chasing when I took my 4-yr-old nephew to school to pick up the kids. (Here's a pic taken of Princess and my nephew sharing Rice Wheels at the airport last time they visited)

What gives me the biggest kick is seeing my nephew communicating with our kids, including Scrag. Somehow in the middle of the broken English, baby-talk, blowing raspberries, giggling and general silliness, kids manage to communicate beautifully across language and cultural barriers. It's like they don't really need words.

I call it the International Language of Children. They find ways to have fun and find common ground without needing to understand each other's words.

We grown ups could learn a lot from their effortless cross-cultural friend-making. Dontcha think?

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Obnoxious SAHM said...

Simone you have been so busy! Pictures were great! I can't believe what a great job he did on the cake! WOWZERS!

Thank you for sharing!

Melinda said...

Adorable pics! ;0) Love your little tigers! I've been thinking of you lately ... thinking I hadn't visited you or visa versa lately. I understand about the time issue. Things have been nutty around my house lately.

I've missed ya! ;0) How's your daddy doing?

Gail said...

Oh man, glad Abs cut our heads off... looks like a shocker of a photo!
When are you next going clothes shopping?

Sophie said...

Lovely to hear your news and what's been going on in your lives!

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