08 August 2009

Happy Birthday Dear Blog

Happy Birthday Dear Blo-o-o-o-g, Happy Birthday to You!

One year ago today I made my first blog post. I had lain awake the night before having decided to start a blog; my mind was racing with ideas and my fingers were itching to get started.

It was a funny round-about start. Originally I was contemplating my career (or lack of one), and wondering what on earth I would do once my bubba headed off to school. The last few jobs I had were working with at-risk (naughty) teenagers - not something I ever want to go back to!

Long before that I had worked in design: but I have no official qualifications (like all my various careers it's been on-the-job training and the rest is made up as I go along).

Princess had just enjoyed her 4th birthday Fairy Party, which was pretty fab, if I may say so myself. People kept saying to me: "You should start a business planning kids parties..."

Hmmmm, couldn't see that happening if Mr G had anything to say about it (I always get so stressed). But what if I could put my ideas out there somehow?? What if I could also maybe sell my birthday party invitation designs? Could there be a future for me there somewhere?

It was these thoughts that kept me awake at night as my mind raced trying to figure out how I could do it. As soon as the kids had been dropped off and Scrag was asleep for the morning I hit the computer, found Blogger and set up my blog.

It was all meant to be about having fun with/creating fun for your kids... ideas, tips, how-to's (hence the name: Greatfun4kids).

The first post was of course the Fairy Party. Then a post on Family Movie Nights and a Spanish Theme Dinner.
I woke up two days later with something else entirely buzzing around my head.

There was a compelling feeling that I needed to share my journey with Depression on my brand new "fun for kids" blog. Random. Nothing to do with what the blog was meant to be about (or so I thought). But the idea would not go away. So that evening after the kids were in bed, I sat down and poured out my heart, laid bare my soul and shared honestly about the Dark Cloud that had hung over me for so many years. My Journey.

Once it was done, I re-read it and re-read it. Even now, I wouldn't change a word. I asked Mr G to read it and he said, "Amazing..."

Then I put it out there for anyone and everyone to read, which was the best thing I could have done. Otherwise I would have headed down a path of showing only the "upside" of my life, and painting an unrealistic, false picture. I am certainly not supermum, I certainly am not an expert in parenting or life, and whatever good I manage to achieve, it's all done Walking with a Limp. That's the reality - and I think most people relate to our struggles a whole lot better than a false image of perfection.

Plus, through sharing my journey, I have had the privilege of hearing from so many amazing women, who have consequently shared their journey with me. I have made so many new friends (both in the real world and Blog Land). My struggle has been able to encourage others who are on the same journey, which is amazing. Such a privilege. I count myself Blessed.

I had one idea for this Blog, but Someone Else had other ideas. I am so glad I listened to that little whisper.

So, one year and 165 posts later, here we are. This blog has become so much more than what I envisioned when I started.

I still love to share the creative ideas I find for parties, family fun, practical ideas... but it's all set against the backdrop of my journey as an average mummy, struggling to do my best. Who knows if a new career will emerge from it (but really, who cares??)

I couldn't do it without you, my readers. Without you guys, I'd just be talking to myself! Thanks to all of you for coming on this journey with me.

Thanks to all my followers and subscribers for being interested enough to sign up! Thanks to all my Bloggy Friends (old and new) for all the encouragment and comments.

Thanks to my hubby for putting up with dust balls and piles of washing so I can get blogging time while the baby sleeps. Thanks to my lovable silly crazy kids for being an unending source of great subject matter!

And finally a Big Thanks to the Big Guy for steering me in the right direction - this blog has become such a creative outlet and source of enjoyment and friendship for me.

If you haven't met my friends yet, why not pay them a visit? These ladies are worth a read. xx

Blog On!

Gail: My friend, cafe buddy and blogging inspiration; I wouldn't be blogging if it wasn't for Gail
Paisley Jade: One of my favourites; I love Kristy's honesty, humour and creativity
Meg: My dear kind generous friend and neighbour (she's an amazing photographer)
Rebecca: My orginal blogging inspiration, from the days when I didn't even know what a blog was...
Sophie: An dear friend I have got to reconnect with via BlogLand after she left these fair shores
Widge: A new friend and kindred spirit
Melinda: A wonderful writer, honest, funny and a caring new friend
Sammy: Her posts often make me cry or give me the shivers... and she's a wonderful friend as well
Amy: Creative, amazing photos and poetic words
Trees: A new very cool Canadian ENGLISH friend

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Mandee said...

Yay!!! Congrats to you for hitting the 1 year mark in blogging! I can't wait to celebrate my first year! I have just begun. Happy Birthday to your blog!!!

Gail said...

Wow! The year went by quickly - and now look at you, blogging queen! Haha. So addictive, right!?
Happy birthday greatfun4kids!

PaisleyJade said...

Wow - it seems like you blog has been around for way more than 1 year - I love your blog and your honesty, the way you share your faith, your creativity etc. Thanks for your kind words about my blog too (was quite surprised!!). xKristy

Widge said...

Happy Blog Birthday!!!!

So glad your my new blog friend!! I love reading what you write. xo

Trees said...

One of the things I love about blogging is the new community it allows me to be a part of. The friendships I have been able to make, being able to share and support and laugh with amazing people who I learn from every day.
Thanks for including me on your roll and I wish I was canadian, they get much better weather than we do in the uk. Tim Hortons too ;)

Happy blog birthday!

Sophie said...

Happy Birthday Blog and Blogger!! :) Its turned out great! You're an awesome talented girl Simoney!

Trees said...

Simone I've tagged you for a photo challenge on scrappingthebluesaway.blogspot.com Feel free to join in or ignore!!

Melinda said...

Congratulations, Simoney! I am so glad you listened to that "little whisper" too. I did as well ... and He told me the same thing: Be real. Be authentic. Pull down the mask.

I agree ... our struggles draw others to us far more than appearing to have it "all together."

I always love it when women follow their hearts and their dreams. It's inspiring. YOU are inspiring. ;0)

Tammy said...

Happy Blog Birthday! Your transparency and honesty is truly an inspiration! Blog on, my friend!

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