31 August 2009

Piles, Lists and Packing Bags

The countdown is on. This time next week we will be 30,000 feet up, winging our way towards Britain. Six long years and two kids later, we are finally returning to England to visit Mr G's family in Newcastle.

If we survive the 27-hour plane trip (with three active kids - eek!!) we will spend a month in the UK visiting family and friends, introducing our little brood to lots of lovely aunties and uncles and cousins and great-granddads.

We'll take side-trips to Cornwall and Scotland, and a day-trip to London to see the sights. I will get to stay three days with my dear friend and bridesmaid Mrs T and catch up with other great pals V&A in their quaint Midlands village.

Dash will get to visit the Dinosaur Museum, the Newcastle Football Stadium, and go to a match (even though Newcastle United were relegated to the 2nd Division, boohoo).

Princess will be taken out for Tea and Shopping with Grandma and Co.

Scrag will be kissed and cuddled and squeezed and tickled by all.

Grandma is getting excited. She can't wait to show us off to everyone - it's been so long. The last time we were in the UK, Dash was just an 8-month-old baby. Now he's a tall lad of nearly 7 and we have a Princess and a Scrag as well. I am imagining some tearful reunions!

(I'm just glad Princess's fringe is nearly grown to a respectable length)

It's an epic pilgrimage. One for which must be thoroughly prepared. There are piles of clothes waiting to be packed (the end of an English summer... clothes for all weathers!) There are lists to be made, treats to be bought, activity bags to be filled (bribes to help us survive the trip).

We will employ the Token Strategy with the older two. Each hour of good behaviour they'll earn a token. At the end of the journey, the tokens will be converted into pounds. That will be their spending money for the trip. We still have to work out a fair exchange rate for tokens... maybe .5op per token?? As for that Scrag... I'm just hoping the Vallergan will work a treat (I don't want to think about it - 27 hours with him squirming on our knees... argghhh!)

Then there is the house to be cleaned and made ready for our good friends who will be housesitting for us while we are away. I can live with stuff just shoved into cupboards but I think I'd better sort out the linen closet or they'll never find the towels!

Last night Mr G cleaned the oven... gasp!! He also vaccuumed under the couch cushions (eek)and I washed the cushion covers off one couch. I am embarrased to look at the unwashed one and see the shocking difference. Oh Dear. Better get onto washing the other one in a hurry.

The kids will miss three weeks of school. But the educational value to them of visiting places they've only heard about more than makes up for it. And how wonderful to get to see where their funny-talking dad comes from?! And to meet their family on the other side of the world! Amazing.

So, after I finish this post I will start typing the lists. And sorting the piles. And Packing the Bags. Six Days to Go!

P.S. Don't worry I plan to keep posting in England from Grandma's computer... I'm sure you'll be relieved to know that!!

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Widge said...

How exciting Simone!!
I hope your family all have a wonderful time! will pray that the flight there and back goes well with the kids. ENJOY! xo

PaisleyJade said...

Yay - have an amazing time! So glad to hear you will be keeping up with your posts while away... and the fringe is looking lovely now ;)

The wife of bold said...

Ah hope you all have a great trip- sounds like you'll be having lots of fun and the kids will be getting spoiled rotton x

Gail said...

Busy but SO exciting! Can't wait for your up-dates! Olivia is going to miss Abs, as I will you - will be waiting for posts in anticipation!

Anonymous said...

I love the cleaning regime!!! you would be busy with that for a few days to be sure....have a great trip! Hping the flight goes well...lobe the token idea...

Trees said...

I am still feeling fuzzy-headed from our 13 hour drive and ferry from France yesterday so am already praying for your journey!
A whole month!!! You are going to have such a great adventure!

Sophie said...

So very glad for you guys Simoney. But feeling a bit homesick myself too!

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