18 August 2009

Stealing Moments

I am stealing a moment right now as I sit here in my PJ's with my house falling down around me, dust bunnies cosying up in the corners and piles of things waiting patiently to be cleaned or sorted.
I have some cute things to blog about... a trip to the Art Gallery with my daughter, a Tiger Party attended with Scrag... but actually I am feeling too blah to be cute today.

We had a night visitor (the big boy with nightmares) so me and Mr G had pretty rubbish sleep after that. I am aching all over, my mummy-shaped body is feeling every day of it's nearly 40 years.

I had a disappointment last night. Something hard I had been preparing to face just got a little bit harder when I received an email from someone I had been counting on to support me (sorry can't make it, you'll have to do it without me). I went to sleep on Mr G's chest with tears still in my eyes and feeling the weight of years.

So instead of being bright and perky, I'm offering a window into my tired, sad soul. And sending out a big cyber-hug to anyone else who's feeling overwhelmed.
Here's a verse I am going to cheer myself up with:

"We are hard pressed on every side by troubles, but not crushed and broken; perplexed, but we don't give up and quit; persecuted, but God never abandons us; we get knocked down, but we are not destroyed..." 2 Corinthians 4:8-9

God bless!

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PaisleyJade said...

Oh no - I had a bit of a week like that last week. Cyber hug back to you.

Widge said...

cyber hug received and reciprocated xo

Gail said...


Sophie said...

Big hug Simoney

Amy said...

Boy can I identify afte the last few weeks I've had. Hugs xx

meg said...

:o( for you. I hope that tonight is better for you all.

Rosario said...

Saying a prayer for you to feel better. sending you a hug and know that God is right there by your side with his arms wide open. God bless you.

Tammy @ Cappuccino Confessions said...

My dear Simone, praying that His peace and joy will be your strength today. Consider yourself hugged! :o)

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