09 October 2009

Home Again

I am sitting at my own computer in my own room in my own house. We arrived back yesterday after a long 48 hours of travelling... all in one peice. Again the kids were amazing.

A six-hour sleep in a hotel room in Dubai kept us all going for the longest (17-hour) leg to Brisbane. The kids slept on the plane, but not all at the same time (so no sleep for the grown-ups). When they did all finally conk out at the same time it was the Brisbane-Auckland leg! They were still all fast asleep long after the plane had landed and all the other passengers had disembarked. We were the last ones off the plane.

A lovely day greeted us; but as I write this it's raining and a little chilly. The blossoms are out but Summer is still a way off. Daylight Saving has already happened here, so we look forward to longer days.

Walking in the front door of our house was strange. Everything seemed different; larger or smaller. Like it was slightly unfamiliar - a house remembered but not lived in for a while.

When I stood still, it felt like the room was moving around me; the air was liquid and I was swimming in it. I guess it's the jetlag??
The two days travelling felt like being in limbo. We lost all sense of time. I felt like we had travelled between worlds, not just countries. When we arrived back we couldn't work out what day it was.

We all got a good night's sleep - Miss Fab (a.k.a. Princess) had to be woken up at 11am. She slept 16 hours!

Now she's off to play with her friend Ruby who she greatly missed (she was the only one who asked to come home to New Zealand... because she missed her friends) She's wearing her Scottish Kilt today - it looks so sweet.
I'd better go and drop her off but in the meantime hello NZ. It's nice to be home.

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PaisleyJade said...

Welcome home!! Glad you had such a wonderful time and so many precious memories were made and friendships renewed/formed!!

Trees said...

Glad the journey went well.
How lovely to return to spring and new beginnings x

Widge said...

Welcome home Simone! Your trip looked amazing. what an awesome adventure for your kids too :)

Anonymous said...

Welcome home!!!

Linda B said...

Hey it great to have you back! We missed you guys! Oscar had chicken pox so we have been house bound. Boo! Just back from church camp. Brain fried! Must have lunch soon .Linda xxx

Grandma said...
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Virginia said...

Hi Simone! LEft you a message in yor Facebook too!..I know I'm even shocking myself. You know the right thing to do with this. Stick to what you hold dear as biblical values which you and hubby have agreed on and are steadfast on.I tend to agree with others and what hubby has advised and doing a special day with friend and Abby. They'l respect your choice and infact it may open up another opportunity to share why. People actually admire people with convictions,though they may not voice it. Maybe your friend is reading all this anyway and will just let you let yourself off the hook!! Look forward to catching up with the wonderful Grahams xx

Anonymous said...

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Gaan canny!

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