01 October 2009

Random Findings

OK, I had my whole night planned. Dash and Mr G are away to the Toon to watch the football match (howay the lads!)... BIG NIGHT for them. Meanwhile me and Mr G have been away on a little adventure of our own... which I had planned to tell y'all about while the other two bairns slept and the lads are off at the match.

Ahem. Slight problem. I sent the camera... with Mr G! So I can't upload all my lovely photos for the great story I planned to tell. So it will have to wait. Plan B... upload Grandma's photos from her camera (she's taken loads of great ones) and share those with you guys...?

Ahem. For some strange reason we can't figure out how to upload the jolly things. There's a glitch; the photos have gone missing somewhere. We'll have to try again later.

OK... Plan C?? Well, while trawling through grandma's computer trying to find her photos I came across these gems from the archives, some of which I have never seen before. This is Team G in the pre-Scrag days, when our Princess was just wee. Ohhh, the bairn! (Man I have really been here for too long! Aunty Irene says I'm starting to talk Geordie.)

So have a laugh at us from 2005...

Here's me and Dash in prison. I can't remember our crime, it was just too long ago. And he was just too little to be seen over the stocks. I think he was two and a half??

Team G 2005, at the airport, saying hello or goodbye to our lovely Grandma (again). Check out that sweet Baby Princess.

We were so young and sexy back then (only 4 years ago)! I think Princess was nearly one in these pics...

This is even earlier... look at the size of our girl! I think Grandma came twice that year. It's around winter, I can tell because of the scarves and hats.

Yep, amazing. Look at me with Princess on my back, wearing Mr G's ski hat. I have no clue where or when this is, just that it seems like a lifetime ago.

Cheers! This is later in the year, see, summer! It's at our old house in our incey wincey townhouse backyard. I think I was drinking orange juice. These days it would probably be cider... or a shandy.

They were great pals back then, before Princess could talk much. Gee she was cute (still is of course, but now she's waaaaay louder... ask anyone here in England! They've all seen it for themselves. Poor Grandma; she'll need a holiday to recover from all the noise and mayhem!)

I don't know where this was. I don't recognise this couch. All I know is that it was Christmas 2005. And this is Princess, The Early Days.

Ahhhh, and here's Dash. Sweet little guy. Still is. Just waaaaaay louder. Ask anyone.

So, tomorrow morning the Clan is off to Scotland for three nights. I may get a chance to blog there. Maybe??? Not sure. Then it's back here to Newcastle for two more nights, then (arggghhh!) it's thye end of the road and back home to NZ. I can't believe how fast it's gone and yet at the same time I honestly feel like we've been away 6 weeks. At least. Maybe 8?
New Zealand seems so far away, it's legendary in my mind, full of lovely people and sheep, sunshine, green fields. A bit like Middle Earth. A long way from here: the land of the round football, buckets in sinks, brick row houses and narrow streets. The land of Tesco and ASDA and Greggs. Where the range of food you can buy is spectular but McD's costs £6.99 for a meal deal (NZ$15)
Anyway, until I get the chance to blog again, a big thanks *hug* to all my lovely friends who have stayed in touch, commented or emailed. You've helped me avoid feeling homesick.
Ohhh Man... and I can't believe it but ALL of Mr G's family reads my blog!!! *waves to family* I had no idea! Everyone I meet says, "Eeeeh Simone Pet! We love that blog! Eeeeh! It's greeeet!"
Hence the disclaimers on my last post!! (yes the one about the undies and bras)... Uncle Alan you weren't meant to read it!!! I had warning signs and everything! *blush*
Ahhh well, never mind! Luv ya all!
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Penny said...

It does feel like you've been away for ages! Hopefully we'll understand you when you get back : )Love the old photos...and glad you're having a great time x

PaisleyJade said...

Totally loving all the older snapshots - your kids are so cute - and you guys are awesome too!!

Gail said...

When I saw the first pic I was thinking how much scrag looks like A! But then read on to realize! You guys haven't changed a bit :)

Have you been shopping again yet????????????????????????


Trees said...

Enjoy this last week Simone, it's been great following all your adventures x

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