03 January 2010

The Sun Sets on 2009

First things first: Happy New Year, my Friends! I hope it was a merry one. We had a family-friendly BBQ with friends and neighbours who were still in town. We let off fireworks and toasted marshmallows; all the kids brought their PJ's and sleeping bags and snuggled down to watch a DVD and leave us grown-ups in peace to chill and socialise.

It was the best New Years Eve we've had in yonks: much better than sitting alone at home (babysitter-less) and watching a lame TV line-up. (Oops, sorry if that's how you spent your New Years. That's our usual scenario as well)

Check out Mr G trying to fit all the recycling in our bin after Christmas and New Years! Tee Hee.

New Years day we recovered from the night before speedily enough to...

...rip up the carpet in our bedroom and expose the wood floor (me)!

...start building a mega-playhouse in  a disused corner of the garden (Mr G)!

...get Pizza and have dinner at our local Pt Chev beach with our lovely neighbours (all of us)

I had planned to write a whole "Review of 2009" type of post... but, well, since it's now actually the 3rd of January, I think I've kinda missed the boat on that one.

But here's a brief Pictorial Sum-Up of a few highlights in my Year:

The Good...

My baby turns One, he walks he laughs he runs he sleeps through the night - he lights up our life... it's all good. What a difference in only a Year.

Mr G is voted Man of the Year again after remembering our Engagement Anniversary. Who does that???

My little brother and his family visit us from Spain and Miss Fab(a.k.a. Princessturns five and heads off to school...

We got lovely new neighbours with kids (and trees to climb)!

We travel to the UK and see Mr G's lovely family. The trip of a lifetime... wonderful!

I turned 40. And survived.

We also survived our first sleepover with seven year old boys. And I made my best ever Birthday Cake.

I got to meet some wonderful bloggers for brunch in Warkworth! These are a great bunch of girls: Weza, BanBan & PaisleyJade. What a special day (and a road trip with my buddy Gail).

We got to celebrate Christmas for the first time ever at our home with my parents... magical.

The Bad:
My dad had a heart attack and a triple by-pass. But he's doing great and is back at work on his Postie round. Can you believe it??

The Ugly:

Remember this? Miss Fab decided she didn't want a fringe any more so she cut it off at the roots. It was a black day for me. It got ugly. And the fringe didn't look great either. Finally finally it's grown out. Only took six months.

Like I said... a brief overview of my year. Overall it was a good year, and I'm thankful and hopeful about the year to come.

How about you?

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Widge said...

Looks like a fab new years eve. We hung with friends over dessert but were back by 10pm to put the kids to bed so we watched lame t.v aswell ;)Awesome photos and that beach looks gorgeous!!

Laughing at the fringe cut (sorry)but I can sympathise as I went through a similar thing with miss 4 last year also.

PaisleyJade said...

Yep - our New Years was a lame TV one too... we were all socialized out after having family camping at our place and one too many family get-together dinners.

So great looking over 2009 in your family - what a great year it was (despite the good, bad and the ugly!0.

Hope you have a wonderful 2010 and summer!!!

Trees said...

A very good 2009!
I still can't imagine Christmas in the summer but a New Year bar-b-q and summer socializing on the beach sound perfect!

Lyns said...

We had a fun new years with friends too, with the kids tucked up in bed! Looks like you had a great 2009 (apart from the bad and the ugly!). You have a beautiful, happy family. All the best for 2010.

Anonymous said...

what a great new years Eve you had Simone!!!
love the photos at the beach...and ohhhh that fringe!!!! WOW!!! that one hurt
glad to see your dad is doing well and loven' the floor in your room...beautiful!
Blessings to you this year!

drop by and visit me sometime this week as I will be having a giveaway and would love for you to enter!

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