19 February 2010

Fitness Log #1: Moving the Mountain That is My Butt

Days since beginning Gym Workouts:  11 days, 3 hours, 19 mins
Number of Gym Workouts planned: 6
Number of Gym Workouts accomplished: 6!
Goal weight loss: 15kg
Weight lost to date: 200 tiny little grams
Still to lose: 14.8kg!!

Journal Entry: I have been working my butt off (or at least trying to) for the last week and a half. But did you have to use your magnifying glass to see that miniscule weight loss figure?

I've been trying not to get disheartened but to look on the bright side, see long-term.

When I joined the gym I stated my priority goal as being "to get fitter" with a bonus goal of losing weight.
Ha! I was obviously kidding myself. I want to lose the weight!!! Otherwise why would I be feeling sad about my teeny weeny 200grams??

The bright side is: I am actually getting fitter! Amazingly I have more energy (*choir breaks into hallelujah chorus*). Physically, I don't feel as lethargic, despite the killer humidity. After the first few workouts I came away wrecked and gasping. But now, well look at me!

Before the Workout

After the Workout (still smiling!)

I am smiling! I am breathing normally! I don't look (or feel) like I am about to pass out!

Mr G is being a great encourager, telling me I look hot (*ahem* - ulterior motives?) Telling me to take the long term view; saying he is proud of me etc etc. Bless him!

(Meanwhile let me tell ya that his gym workouts are starting to show. Oh yes, when I snuggle him there's much less to squeeze... Hehehehe. Oooh, come back lovely pre-wedding abs! Nice!)

So since you guys are my friends, you won't mind if I do a Fitness Log update every so often will ya? You know, to help me stay motivated, to keep me accountable yada yada yada.

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Rebecca said...

You're awesome Simone!!

Widge said...

yeah you rock! good stuff!!!

Widge said...

I'm a computer tard. don't know how to work your forum properly :(

Weza said...

Simone I just want to encourage you. My weight loss started out very slow too. Then my sister told me that our weight loss is actually a picture of the last three weeks , so accordingly you weight loss will kick in after a few weeks. Of course this doesn't happen for everyone, some people lose huge amounts in their first weeks BUT they normally have a HUGE amount to move too, with you you only have a small amount so it will take longer to move. Good on you for doing this. Im with you all the way. xxx

Unknown said...

You are so funny! Keep up the great work. I am VERY impressed that you have worked out 6 times in 11 days! Woohoo! Get those skinny jeans out cuz you'll be wearing them this winter!

Gail said...

Good work Simone! It will happen! I'm going to get back into it all too..... once the box of Candy is empty :)

Sophie said...

Go Simoney go!!

meg said...

Well done! I feel like a useless gym friend as I have only made it once in that time. My physio sister says I need another week with no gym... stink! I am allowed to walk (limping slightly) but not up the mountain.

EcoMum said...

Go Simone! You are awesome! 6 times in a week and a half is SO GOOD. Keep up the good work :)

Anonymous said...

you look so cute all fresh faced and full of vigor!!!
good for you
so glad you are feeling the effects of more energy...that is such a good thing
please please please keep us updated it is fun to follow you on this new path!!!

banban said...

Awesome, you will reap the rewards!!!!

IASoupMama said...

Good job! I really need to get back to exercising, and I actually DO like to exercise, but I have no motivation right now... grr...

Keep up the great work!!!

Meeks said...

Someone told me that another side effect of exercise is being less tired and happier. Keep up the great work!

PaisleyJade said...

You already look fresh and energized!! Awesome work - 6 times is amazing!!

Cracking up at your wide-load image... you are funny!

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