24 February 2010

Wordless Wednesday: Camera Finds

Here is a random selection of photographic "treasures", found hiding on my camera.

Photographers: Miss Fab (A.K.A. Princess) and Mr Dash G.
Subject matter: Mostly Themselves
Taken: On the Sly

Our mission here today is to answer the age-old question: Yes, but is it Art??? I'll let you be the judge...

Self-Portrait, by Dash

Inside Me, by Dash

Deep inside Me, by Dash

My Happy Sister, by Dash

My Loving Mother, by Dash

Self-Portrait, by Miss Fab

I Am Beautiful, by Miss Fab

My Silly Brother, by Miss Fab

My Brother's Foot, by Miss Fab

A Star is Born, by Miss Fab

So, have we discovered any major talent?

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Amy said...

Gorgeous, definately some rich talent there! Hows the back feeling today Simoney?

PaisleyJade said...

Very cute and rather funny - especially the mouth ones!

Mommyof2girlz/StephD said...

Great pictures especially the last one of your princess! Happy WW :)

Trees said...

I can see it now, 'Deep inside me' huge canvas prints hanging on living room walls across the land.

And love little Elvis Costello.

Lyns said...

Very cool - I especially like My Happy Sister

Meeks said...

Haha...I went to take photos this morning and found my camera lense with finger marks on it, and a memory card full of photos that my daughter had taken!

Sophie said...

Absolutely love the last photo of bubby!

Widge said...

hahahahha my kids do this all the time too. we also get some very interesting family home videos taken without parental knowledge!

love princess's self portrait

thereids@in2net.co.nz said...

Those pics are really AMAZING - VERY artistic .... except the one of you poking out your tongue - nothing artistic about that one! I'm sure you could enter some of those in a comp.

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